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Seriously? Sick people.

I just had someone come up to me to congratulate me and immediately gave me a hug. It was really sweet, but when she pulled away and started talking, she sounded awful! She's a nice lady and I like her a lot, but really? Think about what you're doing, girl!

My office is full of sickies, though. The other day, I had someone else who already knew I was pregnant come talk to me at my desk for about ten minutes before she told me she had bronchitis. That particular lady drives me crazy. She makes more than I do and when I was promoted, I was told that I couldn't be promoted above her or make more money than her because she assists a higher-ranking AVP, although her AVP is not my AVP's boss. I was told that it would hurt her feelings, despite the fact that my work is considerably more difficult and I do more work more efficiently than she does (those are actual things that were told to me). This woman had to ask for help in making a Power Point presentation full screen in our last staff meeting. Not that any of that has anything to do with all the sick people in my office, but OMG I need a new workplace, please.

Ugh. Rant over.

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Re: Seriously? Sick people.

  • UGH!  I am right there with you!  I HATE when people come to work sick and worse yet, come and spread their germs to everyone else in the office by not being sanitary.  Wash your hands after you blow your nose and sneeze into your elbow!  Geez!
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  • I just realized how whiny this sounds. I'm definitely going to blame it on the hormones. Sorry guys.
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  • Try being a teacher.  I am surrounded by germs all day long.  Parents refuse to keep their kids home because then they either have to miss work or hire a babysitter.  So they send their sick kid, who spread germs, and then we send them home before lunch.  No wonder I'm always sick!
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  • Oh dear lord, I didn't even think of that. I should have, though. I come from several generations of teachers. My mom caught Whooping Cough from a student last year. It was awful. She rails against the parents of sick kids who send them to school anyway all the time. I feel for you. 
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  • Oh man I'm on board with this!  I JUST had a parent pick up a student from my house, informing me that that kid went home with the stomach bug today but they didn't want to cancel their lesson.  The poor kid started crying right there because she felt like she wanted to puke but didn't want to do it in my house or in the car.

    Some people!

    I hope you find a good job situation soon or this one gets better!

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  • I'm a nurse - but lucky for me, I sit in an office.  I have been locked up in my office barely going out to where patients are (and our sub waiting room is right outside my office!) because they are SO rude - can you imagine sitting in a room with other people AND children and coughing without covering your mouth?  Oh yes they do!  Unbelievable.  And my staff are not much better.  Two of them came in with the stomach bug last week...sent them home - but guess who has it now ...ME!  thanks guys - super appreciate it.  On top of the morning sickness nausea, now i have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.  awesome.  Sorry for TMI.  Damn sick people.  I've quarantined myself.  Wish everyone else would do the same!
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