2nd Trimester

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  • Having lost my baby boy Logan who was a stillbirth, but also was and is my baby!

    I can understand why they would want to take pictures. I can also understand why they would want to put a picture of their baby on the back of a card. They dont see it the way some of you do. They see their baby. Their beautiful baby that died. They dont have any living pictures of them. But even though their baby is dead, they are still beautiful to them. Its their baby, there love, their life. They just lost a huge part of them selves. I think that if it bothers other people so be it. You still get to hold your baby in your arms. You still get to feed your baby and hug them and feel their soft skin on your skin . I mean serisouly? Let them heal in their own way. It may just be a morbid dead baby to some. But to them it is  their beautiful precious child that died. This is their way of showing their baby  that they love her. If you havent been through a stillbirth, then I dont think you have any right to say what is right or wrong to do. 

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