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Huggies & Chuggies - Great idea

So this weekend, FI and I booked a pavillion at the local park to have our co-ed BBQ baby shower Sunday March 4. There will be over 60 guests but we are assuming at least 10-20 won't show. Maybe more or less, but anyway, we'll see the RSVPs as it gets closer. I was going to do a smaller shower in our home but that list was like 25-30 girls and our house wasn't going to hold that many guests (we have a lot of women in our families). We were bound to have it somewhere, so might as well have a big one.  My mother and sister are taking over the rest: the games, decorations etc.

WELL, that same day, I ran into this lady at the grocery store purchasing huggies. Long story short, we got to talking about baby showers. She just had her 3rd baby and he is 8 months old. She said this was her first pack of diapers she has had to purchase since he was born.. How?

She didn't have a baby shower for this one. Instead, she said, she had a celebration party after he was born to have everyone meet him. On the invite she said men bring beer, women bring huggies or pampers and, I forget how, but somehow worded it for various sizes. She said tons of her guests went to Sam's/Costco and purchased a big box for $50....The result? She was left with 8 months worth of diapers. What a fab idea!

My FI called it....... Huggies & Chuggies! Totally doing this for our second or third pregnancy :) Thought this was a great idea for the experienced mommies that aren't sure whether to have a baby shower or not :)


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