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Time to change formula again?

We switched LO to Soy when she was about 3 weeks old. She was always spitting up and had hard poops. And was constantly gassy.

Not too much improvement, and its over a month later. She doesnt spit up close the amount she did. But her bowels are sooo hard and ball shaped and she turns red and really has to push and I feel so bad for her :(

I had asked my Pedi and he pretty much said formula is harder to digest....

I still feel like this is not the way her bowels should look and she shouldnt be struggling like she is. But i am  FTM and dont really know. I tried adding extra water to soften thing up and Karo Syrup and colic calm and gas drops and gripe water for tummy issues and poor girl gets no relief.

She was great when I was BFing. I couldnt keep up with her so I stopped. Maybe we shouldnt had switched to soy so soon and regular would had been okay?

What have you mommies found works best, and when did you know to switch formulas?

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Re: Time to change formula again?

  •  My LO was only passing mucus at one point on Similac Advanced formula for 5 days. I used dark Karo syrup and that helped. I did switch to Enfamil Gentlease and havnt had a problem.

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  • we started with soy (due to allergy issues from our other children) and we had to switch within 5 days.  we're now using similac sensitive stomach.  i hope your LO gets some relief soon.
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  • We switched to Similac Alimentum  because at around 4 week from being on regular Similac  since our little one would cry and arch his back during feedings.  Dr. recommended it to see if it was the formula, but turned out it was acid reflux so our little one is on Zantac now. We're still using Similac Alimentum but it's so much more expensive! At our doctor's appointment this week, I'm going to ask if we can go back to the regular one since we know that it's the acid reflux that was the problem and not the formula... and we'll see what the doctor says.

     I know that Similac Alimentum is supposed to be a lot easier on babies stomach because it's so much broken down than the regular formula (which is why it's so much more expensive). I had heard that "soy" formulas often constipate babies, so I think that's what might be happening to your little one. Maybe try the Similac Alimentum... just know that it takes 3 days for a formula to fully process through their bodies. So whatever one you change to, give it a minimum of 3 days to see if you see a difference or not. Goodluck!

  • I have my LO on Enfamil Gentlease ready-made liquid. She was really gassy when she was on Enfamil newborn. Switched her to the Enfamil gentlease liquid and she was a happy camper.

    I have to keep her on the liquid version of the gentlease. When I changed her to the powder version (gentlease) of the exact same formula, she had hard poops that she really strained to get out. Switched her back to the ready-made liquid and she was 100% fine. It's of course more expensive, but not constipated and such a happy camper now! Don't know what the difference is between the powder and ready-made because it is the EXACT same darn formula, but there is something different. My SIL said she had the same thing happen with her son. He was fine on the liquid and on the powder he was incredibly constipated.

    If your formula has a liquid version, maybe give that a try instead of the powder. It took about 48 hours to see the difference, but then she was a new baby!

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  • Try adding some apple juice to her bottle (just a tiny bit like an ounce.) It should get her moving.
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  • Thanks for the advice girls, Ill see what the pedi recommends next week and go from there. I have WIC so they are stupid about when you can and cannot get, but if it helps her to have something else, then im just going to have to do it
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