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nausea and vomiting :(

I'm 13 weeks tomorrow...  Last week, I tossed my cookies twice :(  I think it might be related to my prenatals, but they haven't made me sick this whole time.  I have more nausea now as I had queasiness before.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: nausea and vomiting :(

  • Sometimes taking the PNVs before bed can be helpful (don't know if you tried that).  Also I've had a lot of luck with Sea Bands.
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  • Right around 13 weeks, it hit me too.  It was so bad the doctor gave me  Zofran.  Friday I couldn't even keep water down half the day.  Zofran is great at making the nausea and vomiting go away, but causes constipation...not sure which is worse.  I've been pretty good today so maybe its a temp. situation.  Hope you feel better.
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  • If I don't take the prenatals with something high in protein, I get nausea that's way worse than m/s. They're brutal on the stomach.
  • I'm 13 weeks yesterday and was hoping for it to be miracle day...my m/s n/v had almost disappeared and today I'm feeling totally horrific. :( Sigh.  Nothing to do with my prenatals. I take gummies so they won't make me sick.  I hope this ends soon.  I'm at the end of my rope.
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  • 15 weeks, still sick, and not even zofran gets rid of it for me anymore. I haven't tried sea bands yet but I'm going to. I've gotten so used to being sick I don't even know that it's an issue anymore. I know I'll be sick about 3-5 times a day and will feel better immediately after, so I usually reserve my big meals for after I get sick. I'm so ready for it to be over.
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