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transitioning BM/formula to sippy cup

If you're transitioning away from bottles, or have successfully done it, when did you start?  How did you do it? Tips, tricks, advice?

P loves water in the sippy, but if it's anything else he won't drink it (even juice!) 


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Re: transitioning BM/formula to sippy cup

  • My DS is in the same boat except he will drink juice out of the sippy cup too. I just keep trying everyday. He will get 1-2oz now which is better than a few weeks ago when he wouldn't even try it. I am hoping that if we keep trying he will eventually drink it all :-) GL!!! 

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  • I need the same help. My LO will drink out of a straw sometimes and a sippy every now and then but his doctor wants him of the bottle by nesxt month, I dont think its going to happen. Just some advice to help the process would be great.

  • I bought a munchkin brand sippy cup & wondered why my LO refused it - then I tried it have to suck REALLY hard to get anything out of that thing!  So I am on the market for some sippy cups.  Any suggestions??

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