Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

when to buy toddler bed

My daughter is 18 months and we're going to have another daughter in March.

I'm wondering if we should buy the bed earlier rather than later? we were thinking to get it now and get her used to it or at least see how she does with it but im wondering if when the baby comes she wont want to sleep in it because of the big change with a sibling.


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Re: when to buy toddler bed

  • We kept DS in his crib, he was 17 months when we had DD.  He remained in his crib for a year and a half after that. Why not just keep her in her crib?  I think it's usually best to keep kids in cribs as long as they're content there and sleeping well.  We moved DS to a bed this summer and it was awful - his sleep was majorly disrupted for months.  That's the last thing you'd want to deal with in your 3rd tri.  I'd keep DD1 in her crib, and plan to put DD2 in a pnp for awhile.  Maybe by the time you're ready to transition, DD1 will be ready for a bed?

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  • I'm in the same boat as you. DD is still in her crib and will remain there until I think it's safe to make it into the daybed. We are getting a crib from my cousin for DS, but don't have it yet. He currently sleeps in our room-in the RnP, snuggle nest, or next to us on the bed. He will stay with us for a few months at least.
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  • LO is two, we tried once to put him in a toddler bed but it didn't work.  He didn't want to stay in it and ended up in our bed.  So we put the rail back on.  Now we are planning on keeping him in there as long as possible.
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  • My daughter in 19 months and we are having another baby in April.  I'm keeing her in her crib until she is 3.  If I need to buy another crib for my son I will.  I don't think trying to get her to sleep in a toddler bed in my third trimester or when her brother arrives is a good idea for us.  As long as she still sleeps well in her crib she will stay there.
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