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Hybrid diapers with a newborn?

I like the idea of cloth diapers, but I think for the first couple of months I am going to want something fairly easy to manage, like disposables.  I really like the idea of the hybrid diapers where I could just flush or throw out the insert and wipe down the outside most of the time.  But what to use?  I have been reading about various systems and without having the baby here yet, it is a little overwhelming.  I plan on trying out various cloth systems and types at some point, but I think it will be at least a few weeks before I get around to that.  I was hoping to have an easy hybrid system I could use from the start.  What does everyone recommend?
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Re: Hybrid diapers with a newborn?

  • You might look into a diaper service; they usually cost about the same as disposables, and you just toss the prefold into the pail and reuse the cover. We did that for the first 4 months with DS and it was a great stepping stone. 
  • I've never used them but I imagine you could use the disposable option in any cover not just the flip, grovia or gdiapers.  I like the flip and grovia covers but kind of dislike the cloth inserts that go with them cause the poop is just everywhere (inside the diaper but all over the cover).  And with a newborn it was all poop all the time so you would have to wash the covers every time. 

     A prefold or fitted keeps that shtuff contained and I love the bummi covers most of all.

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  • I'm with pp.  I was just using a gdiaper earlier and I was thinking about why I hated them at first and I realized it was b/c dd was soo little when I started using them.  I say stay away from the hybrids when they are nb.  Wait til the digestive system matures a bit.  They just poo watery stuff constantly at that age.

    We love the bum genius line.


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  • Flips and Grovia are OS, which means that they're not really effective until the baby is 8lbs (closer to 10 in my case). Same with the g's. PP have good ideas to do a diaper service, or get some newborn cloth diapers and disposables and start cloth part-time.
  • we use Gdiapers with our kids. (2.5 years, and 4weeks) And I have to admit I liked the Gdiapers when we started but now I hate them. First off with our new baby he was 7lbs 15oz at birth and 7lb 6oz when he came home and the Gdiapers didn't fit him. (tinyG size) we used then with a the disposable insert for a while (I bought the new born kit 12 tinyG's, 6Small covers, 6 pouches, 80 disposable inserts. 125.99 on Amazon) but I wanted to use cloth and they leak really bad with cloth. And when they get bigger like my 3 year old, they leak bad, and don't seem to fit right. If I had known I would have saved the money and just went to the fabric store and made my own cloth diapers. I am hoping as baby gets a bit bigger that the diapers might fit better and we can at least use them for a while since I can't return them. as of right now we are using newborn disposables until I get my diapers finished. 
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  • Newborn fitteds might be a good idea too.  I believe you do still have to use a cover with them, and you will need to wash them rather than toss them, but they're easier than prefolds.  AIOs may work for you too as you just put it on like a disposable although they can be a bit pricier.

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  • Have you thought about/ looked into AIO NB's like bumGenius or Grovia? I was planning on not CD'ing until LO could fit OS dipes but I am too anxious. When I saw that BG makes a NB size I was super excited and decided to get them. Both brands are All In One, which is essentaill the same as a disposable except you wash it.



  • No, I haven't considered much yet-- FTM, I think I need to see what works best for us.  I would use a diaper service, but there isn't one where I live.  I think I will just plan on using disposables until I get the trial cloth diapers and see what I like-- I was hoping there would be a very simple way to get the best of both worlds.
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