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Pubic Bone Pain

I have been having this weird pain/discomfort on the left side of my pubic bone. It's kind of hard to describe where exactly anatomically but it's close to the hinge of my thigh but it's still more on the pubic area, so I guess the groin area. It's not superficial, it's deep inside as if it is the bone. At first, it felt like an in grown hair and then it felt like I was wearing underwear that was too tight for too long. But, neither of these are the reason. It feels bruised like I got kicked in the vagina or something.

SO, I went to the chiro and he pushed on muscles in there and nothing. So he told me it's the pubic bone and something or something... movement? But I feel like he doesn't fully understand. The next day, I went to my OB for my regular appointment and asked him. Still, got no answer really out of him. It scares me because it's unilateral.. and not on both sides. The following day I had a follow up with the perinatologist, and he said any pain is not good but to stay off my feet and any physical activity. Well, okay but I haven't really been physically active except the pain was way worse the day of and day after my 8 hour shift on my feet. But other than that, I'm like always home.

So, to the May2012 moms I go. Has anyone else experienced this? I have been laying down for the past two days and it's been lightening up but i went to the mall to exchange some things for a couple of hours and I noticed it started to slightly come back so I left. When I wake up in the morning and stand up, I feel alllll the weight shift on it and I have to like hold my crotch -- it's ridiculous looking, but it wasn't as bad this morning.

SO can anyone relate or explain to me what this is? Is it even normal? It's weird. At this point I am just chalking it up to ligaments and everything loosening and moving but I got freaked out thinking incompetent cervix but the peri said no my cervix is good.


Re: Pubic Bone Pain

  • I really hope you don't have what I do. I suffered big time with my first one and this time around it started even earlier. Have you ever heard of SPD?  I will post a link in here with a bit of info and you can see if it is similar.  The only things I have found that ease the pain is being in water, and physio (even that is minor relief). There is not a whole lot that can be done for it unfortunately.

  • A few years ago I hurt my back and ended up with a herneated (sp?) disc in my low-low back area. When it was acting up it used to pinch a couple of nerves that run down my legs and I would get a similar sounding pain. It would feel like my underwear on one side was too tight (just like you described) and cutting off circulation, but the only thing that ever helped was to spend some time letting my back recouperate (aka lying down for a while). I don't know if your pain is exactly the same, but it could be a back issue. Walking a lot was always what aggrivated this the worst for me. If the docs say rest I would think that is the thing to do. I wouldn't get too concerned yet as long as there's no other pain/symtoms and the docs aren't worried.
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  • I had this last weekend, but it only lasted a couple of days.  I think I pulled something, a muscle.  It's hard to describe, but it hurt for me when I went to get up from a sitting position or when I raised my leg.  I think it might be for me that I slipped a little on the ice, caught myself.  Or, maybe I carried to much in.  I also had it about a month ago, it was when I was doing a little more walking around than usual.  I just took it easy for a couple of days and it went away.



  • I remember reading this when I was first searching online for what this is. I am going to bring this up to my Chiro on Monday. I don't have all the symptoms just a few. But the only way to diagnose it is through xray. Hmmmm i'll ask him about it. Thank you
  • I know EXACTLY how you feel! I've had this same exact pain that you are describing for the past 6-8 weeks. It's really hard to describe and I've had no luck finding anything about it online. I do notice that it is feels more irritated when I'm on my feet or physically active. Sometimes it aches so much that I can't even sleep. I'm having my cervix monitored and that does not seem to be the issue. My OB said that it was most likely due to my hips widening (but I"m not sure she fully understood what pain I was feeling).

    I'd love to get answers to this as well. Any help would be much appreciated!

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  • Sounds a lot like SPD to me, but it's weird that it's only side.  Apart from that, sounds a lot like the pain I have, which is centered on the pubic bone.  It was gone while I was on vacation, but after 3 days back at work and a day of more walking than I should be doing, I couldn't move at all without pain yesterday afternoon.  It's definitely made worse by exertion, and I am not allowed in water, though that sounds heavenly.

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  • So, I have the same thing on my left side.  I think it feel like a bruised vagina really.  It's right on the left side where you said.  My OB said that there is a nerve that extends from the inner thigh up to the pubic area.  There really isn't any treatment other than position changes and rest.  I usually get mine when I stand too much.  I'm 20 weeks with twins and have had it for a month.  hang in there.
  • I second the other ladies that this sounds like SPD. I had it with my first pregnancy and have it again with this one--it's very painful but chiropractic care really really helped me.  They have this little thumper thing they can use right on the bone, as well as adjusting your pelvis. Being on my feet a lot/housework/too much walking/etc seems to make it worse. Swimming helps but unfortunately I don't have a pool!
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  • Yeah it really comes about strong when I stand too much. So friggin weird. I can deal with the pain and discomfort as long as I know this feeling is normal and not as if something is going to fall through my vagina or my cervix is going to give
  • Ok but with SPD is it unilateral? because mine is to the left side and not like in the middle of my pubic area where the bones meet. Know what I'm saying? I'm trying not to get too graphic or TMI here
  • image sulilina:
    Ok but with SPD is it unilateral? because mine is to the left side and not like in the middle of my pubic area where the bones meet. Know what I'm saying? I'm trying not to get too graphic or TMI here

    We're all pregnant, is there such a thing as TMI? Just kidding;) I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but getting graphic back at you, if you feel the bone in the V of your thighs just above your labia, that's your pubic symphysis. There's actually a cartilage disk between two bones, which is meant to stretch during pregnancy/delivery.  You have a bone on each side of that cartilage disk.  For me, that's an area of major pain, and sometimes it is just on one side or the other. The pain and misalignment is exacerbated if your pelvis/hips/lower back are out of place, which is why if you go to a chiropractor they *should* adjust your back, pelvis, hips, and then they have this little hand tool that they can actually use on your crotch area.

    Chiro is the only thing I've found that helped and the pain from SPD didn't go away with delivery, I had to continue to go even after DS was born. It probably would've helped it I'd started going before halfway through my third tri, lol! 

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  • Omg. You are dead on. Yes that is the location that I'm experiencing the pain (top left of the labia almost towards the V of my thigh. I have been seeing a chiro since mid December. He's been adjusting me for 3 weeks now because he said my spine and pelvis are out of alignment and one leg (my right) may be slightly shorter than the left leg. Interestingly, I'm wondering if this pain is coming from those adjustments? Or are these adjustments actually cushioning what really would be a lot more pain?

    I see him monday so I am going to explain to him that I think it's SPD. Yay thank you! Now does this cause any complications for delivery?

  • I have been having this pain since about 12 weeks. It had gotten worst until I did research and learned that the pain is caused by your pelvic bones shifting due to the baby laying low. I learned that you shouldn't stand on your feet for long periods of time. If you have to, rest at least every 30 minutes. When you sleep, sleep on your left side with a pillow between your knees and a pillow under your abdomen. When you get in and out of the car or go from the sitting to the standing position, try doing this with your knees together. Practice good positioning when sitting. And, unfortunately, it doesn't get any better from here. The bigger the baby gets...the more pain. Try to take it easy and try to get as much rest as possible. It'll all be over in a few months. 


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  • I would think that the adjustments are cushioning the pain, but that's based on my personal experience.  

    It shouldn't cause complications with delivery, BUT from what I've read you want to try to avoid delivering flat on your back, I can't remember what the reason was but the gist was that it would make things worse. Rather use a squatting/kneeling/birth chair position. I did the research on this when I was pregnant with my first (spring 2010) so I can't remember everything exactly now but there is some good info out there, I'd just google it. 

    Some other things that might help in daily living with the discomfort:  When you roll over in bed, keep your knees together.  Instead of standing to put your undies/pants on one leg at a time, sit down to do it. Stairs, well, there's not a good way to do those I don't think.   Don't push/kick things with one leg (like sliding your laundry basket or pushing a box). Bouncing on an exercise ball sometimes relieved pain for me. Sit with your hips square under you ie don't cross your legs, sit on one foot, etc because it puts your pelvis out of alignment. 

    Those are a few things I can think of off the top of my head, but if you want talk about it any more just post about SPD on the FB page and I'll find you ;) 

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  • Thank god someone else has this! I've been suffering so bad with this pain for the past couple months. It's disheartening to know that there's really nothing that can be done to fix it but still comforting to know I'm not alone.
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  • Did this pain ever go away? I am going through it now and am so afraid it won't go away.
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