Hi ladies-my LO is 10 days old and I've been breast feeding and supplementing with bottles (stopped formula and have been pumping). My nipples are cracked and yesterday I noticed that some of aerola is peeling in spots. Is this normal?? I've been trying to get set up with an LC and hopefully will by next week. Any advice?? I don't know if it's from my pump (advent) or just from LO..

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  • this is normal, but typically this kind of thing gets BETTER at 2 weeks rather than worse. Check your LO's latch, which is the likely problem. Read up on how the nipple is supposed to go through the pump and see if it's doing that properly. And YES get the LC to help. You need to make sure everything is going properly, but beyond that all you can do is hope that time will heal. Use the medela nipple "shells" to prevent irritation. ANd lanolin!

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  • Same thing happened to me around that time.  I used a nipple shield with caution.  They can make your supply tank if you rely on them too heavily.  For me it was that or quit.  I was crying at every feeding b/c it hurt so bad.  I used it for about a week or so 2-3x/day only when neccesary. 

    Also lanolin like pp said, try switching positions at every feeding too(football, crossover and crossover with the other arm under baby), rub a little BM on your nipples after each feeding and let that air dry for a bit also make sure you change your nursing pads often too.  


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  • Thanks! I've been using the lanolin, which does help a little but will keep up. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has/is experiencing this!
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