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How often is your LO fed solids?

As I read through the posts regarding what you've made/fed your LO's, I wonder how often they are fed solids (fruits, veg, meat, yogurt, oatmeal, etc). 

DS is almost 7 months old and eats two "meals" a day. At the babysitter's he is fed a bit of yogurt and whatever fruit/veg I send him. I make my own food, but it is roughly 3/4 the size of jarred food.  At night he eats another meal of roughly the same size. 

It's funny because I have a two year old DD who I started on solids at 4 months (DS started around 5) and I have no idea how much she ate this point.  I should have recorded it, doh!

Anyhow, just wondering what everyone else was doing....

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Re: How often is your LO fed solids?

  • I do make my own food. I just make big batches and freeze them. I use large ice cube trays and baby food containers I bought at BBB. Each cube/container is 2oz so he eats one in the AM at 8 and with dinner which is usually at 6. He seems content after each feeding so I haven't increased the amount but I am sure he will let me know when he hungry for more :)

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  • We're up to three meals a day here.  DS1 started solids later and was definitely still getting them twice at this age.  DS2 seems more insatiable than DS1 was...although both were about the same size (both big babies -- usually around 90th %). 

    I hear you on not remembering!  If I didn't write this stuff down in his baby book, I wouldn't remember a THING.  I never understood how moms of more than 1 didn't remember this kind of stuff, but as soon as that second comes along, it's like all the ages/stages/milestones get all mixed up and confused in your head. 

    ETA: I make my own food; he gets roughly 2oz at each "meal".

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  • She gets 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
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  • 2x a day. About 2oz a feed
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    Hannah gets about 2oz twice per day
  • 2x a day 4-6 ounces each meal. He is seriously obsessed with food! He still nurses 6x a day as well.

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  • We are up to three meals a day. I make his food so I usually have 2 ounces in each container. He has had up to three ounces at a time, though.
  • Just once a day, and getting him to eat is a struggle.  Today though I sent him with oatmeal and bananas to my MILs, and I'll try to feed him twice over the weekend as well.  We were told he should have two "meals" a day once he's 7-months (in 2 weeks).

    We have given both fruits and veggies, and both rice and oatmeal.  The best results we get is when we combine the puree with cereal. 

  • So far once a day and we can usually only get a few bites in him. He sucks at solids still. We just started Dec 15th. I just sent rice cereal and a few foods hes tried to daycare today in case they want to try bc they said he sometimes acts extra hungry there. 
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  • We are doing 2x per day now (lunch & dinner) and only giving fruit & veggies because all the cereals were constipating him.  He takes about 3.5-4.0 oz per meal and still nurses every 3.5-4 hours
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  • My little piggy eats 3 times a day... 2 oz fruit or veggie, 1 tbsp cereal, sippy of water, finger foods (doesn't usually get that much in!), and a mum mum (gets about 1/2 of it eaten before getting bored with it).

    DCP says sometimes at lunch, he still acts hungry after all that!! They also give a snack (mum mum) on occasion if he gets mad that he's not at the table with the older babies during snack time.

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  • DD eats solids 2x a day- breakfast and dinner. She eats way more for dinner, usual a veggie and oatmeal. For breakfast she has fruit.
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  • I make my own food too. DS gets three meals of solids a day. He gets cereal and about 2oz of fruit around 10. (I nurse him before I take him to daycare). Then he usually gets 1-2oz of two different veggies around 12:30 or 1pm. And then at dinner he gets a 1-2 oz each of meat, veggies and/or fruit.
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  • I give her solids once a day and she only eats about 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls at a time right now. We just started introducing solids a few days after she hit 6 months, so she's still in the very early learning stages.

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  • At the moment Alexis is getting fed solids twice a day. When I get home from work around 3 or 4 and at around 8 while I'm eating dinner. Right now she's only eating vegetables but we'll be starting on fruits soon. I've been wanting to start giving her oatmeal in the morning and continue with the two meals of solids through out the day but I get up early for work and it's hard to make time for it and H just cannot be bothered to wake up that early (he works late and apparently can't bring himself to get up) plus every time he tries to feed her solids she never wants to eat from him.
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