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No on Daycares, pool two moms/babies and hire a nanny instead

Listen to those feelings . . . you are completely right to sense and feel daycare's are wrong. I am an Early Childhood Education major, former preschool teacher, former daycare employee. These places are bad for kids. No child should ever have to endure them. Unfortunately our society requires moms to work, and kids to grow up industrialized. One example are diaper changes. At school I am enlightened to learn the diaper changes are oppertunities for bonding and sweet exchanges between caregivers and babies. Now picture this : One woman, five babies. A diaper chart. Each baby must be changed every two hours, the changing table sanitized each time, and the change recorded on the chart. Five kids every two hours in an eight hour day means this woman has changed 20 plus diapers each day. Its not condusive for her to bond and go slowly and sweetly when she has a line of babies waiting their turns. Another aspect is the horrible oppressive pay daycare workers get, they resent there job as much as they love the kids. Many of the employees at daycares are barely background checked with little to know education and experience. Innapropriate touching is often an issue when collecting groups of kids together with minimal supervision. Yes kids that get molested, tend to molest other kids. It takes one, to affect dozens! If you can keep yours out of the daycare environment , please keep her away from it. These places breed bad habits, illness, and feelings of loneliness in your LO.

Re: No on Daycares, pool two moms/babies and hire a nanny instead

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