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Help! Dd wakes screaming/wide awake

I am at my wits end, any advice would be helpful.  Dd is 17 mos and us to be a great sleeper except for teething/ illness until a few weeks ago.  First, I weaned off the last feeding, bedtime.  She seem fine.  Then she got a cold, almost developed an ear infection, etc. and she was awake for long stretches at night.  Being the she was sick and has teeth she's cutting I stayed up with her, held her, etc.  she's def still cutting teeth, inc molars, but I don't think that's why she's waking.  She wakes screaming for me and is wide awake, just nts to be held or sit on my bed and play, doesn't fall asleep again for 2-3 hrs.  She seems to do the same whether I give more Tylenol or not.  Anyone else go through this, whether after weaning, while teething, or chalking it up to separation anxiety?  I'm not comfortable w CIO but finally did it last night bc my being in the room didnt seem to help get her back to sleep.  Still, she fell asleep 2 hrs later, same as night before when I didn't make her CIO.  And despite the list sleep she was still up at 630, less than an hr later.  Ugh...

Re: Help! Dd wakes screaming/wide awake

  • DS goes throught this too when I spoil him by rocking him all the way to sleep.  You probably don't want to hear this but you have spoiled her by holding her all that time.  She falls asleep and then when she wakes up and you aren't there she panics.  She needs to learn to fall asleep on her own.  Make sure she is comfortable with Tylenol and cuddles and put her to bed awake but sleepy.  She will be mad at first because she has been spoiled to the cuddles.  A few nights and she will be back to normal unless you cave and rock her all night.
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  • DD does the same thing. More or less always has. I have absolutely no answer for you, but just wanted you to know you're not alone. 
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  • I'm going through a similar situation with my daughter.  She is waking earlier and earlier in the evening screaming.  I have spoiled her by getting her and bringing her into my bed.  Now the past two nights she has slept with me.  I know tonight I can't let that happen and I hate to do this but I will have to let her CIO tonight.  I am dreading it, but I know that is the only way to get her back on track.  She used to sleep all night and wake up at six on the dot. 
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