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Gift or no gift?

I am returning to work next week after having 14 weeks off for maternity leave.  Two woman have been covering my caseload and paperwork while I've been gone.  Do you think I should get them a thank-you gift?  DH says, "No" since they are being paid to cover my leave, but I'm just not sure.  What do you think?  What would be a sufficient gift to give if so?  

Re: Gift or no gift?

  • Maybe a Starbucks gift card or something small? Or just a thank you card? I don't think gifts are necessary but they took on an extra workload and I'm sure weren't paid extra, a little appreciation goes a long way.
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  • IMO, I agree with your DH to a point. But how is your work relationship with these women? Is it strictly professional, or is there a kind of friendship. If professional, I don't think a "gift" is necessary. However, if more of a friendship...maybe you can stop on your way into work and pick up a dozen of donuts. Not really a "gift" but a little thank you.

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  • Well as a southern chic...we are big in hospitality and I would get a small gift $5-$10 just to say thank you. It shows very good character and in the future if you need help with anything they will (hopefully) be there for you again. :) You could even do something small and homemade...make some brownies or something and take them in with a hand written thank you note that is personal to each person. You dont have to spend a lot of $ just to say thanks!
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  • I think a small food gift would go a long way, doughnuts, brownies, cookies, etc.  And a thank-you card never hurts.

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