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Freakonomics has a list of names along with the average amount of years the mother was educated.  Has anyone read this book?

Names used by mothers who had an average of 15 years or more (meaning they went to college):
Adelaide, Alessandra, Amalia, Annabel, Anne, Britt, Campbell, Cate, Cordelia, Deniz, Ekaterina, Ella, Ellen, Emma, Franziska, Grace, Gwyneth, Ilana, Isabel, Jane, Jemma, Kate, Kimia, Liesl, Linden, Madeline, Margaret, Matisse, Mara, Maya, Meredith, Naseem, Olive, Phoebe, Portia, Quinn, Rosalind, Sayeh, Shira, Sophie, Talia, Veronique, Yael, Zoe
12 years or less (meaning they did not go to college, or they dropped out of high school):
Amber, Angelina, Ashley, Autumn, Aziza, Beatriz, Belinda, Betty, Breanna, Brittany, Cammie, Chastity, Cherokee, Cierra, Crimson, Cynthia, Darlene, Dawn, December, Denise, Desiree, Destiny, Diamond, Elizabethann, Frankie, Geraldine, Jacquelin, Janet, Joyce, Katelynne, Kayla, Lacy, Ladonna, Lexus, Linda, Lizbeth, Meadow, Micheala, Patience, Phyllis, Precious, Rachell, Rikki, Ronnie, Selma, September, Shayla, Shirley, Skylynn, Stevie, Storm, Sunshine, Svetlana, Tabitha, Tia, Trinity, Vanessa, Venus

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