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how do u get out of the house in the AM?? going back to work tomm.

I have a 2y3m old son and my dd is 7 weeks. I am returning to work tomorrow and I am not sure how I am going to get out of the house and not forget anything.

Thankfully (in a way) DH and I commte in together, we work in the same office. So I have help at DCP and everything. But I just don't know how we will all get ready and get out of the house on time. DH has a very hard time gettig up in the morning - so I have that to deal with as well.

We need to leave by 8:00 or so. DS usually gets up around 7:00. For a while the baby was feeding around 6:00 so it worked out. She has been off the last 2 weeks prob bc of growth spurt.

What is your schedule look like in the AM. I have to make sure I have everything for my pump and all the baby and DS stuff. UGH. 

At least it is a short week. 

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Re: how do u get out of the house in the AM?? going back to work tomm.

  • We just get everything around the night before. When I was pumping all pump parts were washed and we had outfits picked out the night before. In the morning (and mind you I only have 1 child right now, I am sure it will change after I have this baby) I usually am in charge of getting DD around. My DH then makes sure I have a lunch packed and gets anything DD might need for DC around.


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  • My husband and I try to make sure almost everything is done the night before. Granted, we only have one, but bottles are made, pump is packed and by the door, DD diaper bag is packed, our lunches are packed, my keys are in my purse by the door, coffee pot is ready to go, DD clothes and diaper are laid out, etc, all the night before. All we really have to do is make sure we are dressed and DD is fed. Our evenings are a bit hectic when we get home, but I would rather have that than a hectic morning!
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  • Ditto PP's. I only have one, but EVERYTHING is readied the night before. I have 2 sets of pump parts. As soon as I get home, I put the pumped milk in the fridge, the ice pack in the freezer and the clean pump parts in my bag.

    We pack lunches, lay out clothes and set breakfast stuff out the night before (water ready to boil for tea and bread in the toaster oven.)

    In the am, DH gets up takes a shower and gets dressed and takes DD and eat breakfast. I get up, shower, get dressed, feed DD and make sure all my stuff is packed. I eat on the way to work. (DH gets up between 5:45 and 6AM, and I get up between 6 and 6:15). I am out the door by 7.

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  • I only have one baby to deal with, and DH and I also commute together.  Basically we do this:

    Alarm goes off about 30 minutes before DS usually wakes up.

    DH walks the dogs while I take a shower.  He starts the coffee when he comes back in and feeds the dogs.  By then I'm done in shower.

    I get dressed and do makeup while DH showers.

    DS is usually waking up around now.  I change him and give him a bottle.  This is where the routine goes off track some days.  Sometimes my makeup's half done or I'm not wearing a shirt yet at this point.  I give him to DH for some playtime while I finish getting ready.

    When he was smaller we put DS in his jumper for a little bit but now we put him on the living room floor with toys while we grab travel mugs of coffee, breakfast bars, lunch for the day, etc.  Our townhouse is small so we can keep an eye on him while we do this stuff.

    One of us takes our bags and coffee cups to the car and turns it on while the other one puts DS's shoes, coat, and hat on.

    We put our coats on, one last check to make sure we got everything, and we go.

  • I have two boys, so it's a bit more complicated than some pp, but I second getting everything ready the night before. (lunches, pump parts, bottles, clothes)   DH and I wake up at 5am.  I shower while my DH shaves.  I get dressed while he showers.  Then, I wake up and feed DS#2,  he wakes up and feeds DS#1. We eat breakfast with DS#2 in the high chair, and DS#1 watches Caillou on PBS.  Then I dress DS #1, and he dresses DS#2.  We're both out the door by 7am.  (He drops the boys off at DC.  I pick up.)  The trick, especially with two, is to divide and conquer.  It's a bit stressful at first, but once you get a routine going it's not so bad!  

  • I get up an hour earlier than DD does (which means I'm up at 5:15am) in order to shower / dry hair / dress before she wakes up.

    Then I get her up, fed, dressed, and we're off.

    I pack her bottles the night before and label her solids / get everything ready to go so all I do is grab the tote bag out of the fridge in the AM.

    Do as much as you can the night before and mornings will be much easier.

    If you can manage to get up and get yourself ready by the time the first child wakes (sounds like that would be your DD) then you can just worry about the kids. Maybe get her fed / hanging out in the RnP if you have one while you then help your DS get ready.

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  • Dh needs to man up and wake up earlier.
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    Dh needs to man up and wake up earlier.



  • As PP have stated before, we have everything ready the night before, including DH's and my outfits.  We have bags packed, lunches made, and know where little things are like keys, travel coffee mugs (which I tend to leave in the car), etc. 

     We also have certain "jobs" that each of us are responsible for in the morning, so one of us isn't getting ready while the other is running around in a bathrobe trying to start the cars in the cold weather, or changing a screaming infant.  Little things like beds getting made (which used to not be so "little" to me) waits until the afternoon when I get home from work.

    Also, and this may sound silly, but has helped since DH went from working 24 hour shifts to an 8-5 job, is a chore chart for us.  Each day we are responsible for SOMETHING. For example, on Mondays DH will do one or two loads of laundry.  I will clean the bathrooms.  On Tuesday I will put away all the laundry he did the previous day, and he may clean out the car (I don't have the list in front of me).  The point of this was to free up time in the evening because I was spending so much time folding piles and piles of laundry that had been neglected over the week. Or I was cooking dinner every night rather than meal planning and preparing meals on a given day.  Having free time in the evening, also makes mornings less stressful I have found. 

    I, too, have a two year old and an infant, I feel your stress and anxiety at getting out of the house and to work on time!

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