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Anyone swaddle after 6 months?

We are still swaddling and I am kind of freaking out now.  Daycare doesn't swaddle after 6 months.  He'll be 6 months adjusted on the 12th (8 months actual on the 13th).  We are going to speak to his doctor about it when he goes and gets a shot next week.  He still has his Moro Reflex.  The boy looks like he is conducting an orchestra when you put him down unswaddled and promptly wakes himself up. 

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  

Oh yes, we did order a couple of Magic Sleep Suits.  Hopefully they work as well as swaddling.  Day care will use those.  I am sure if the doctor okays it, they'll continue to let him be swaddled too.  But, this is a new pedi, and I'm not sure how she feels about this sort of thing.  

ETA: he does not roll from back to belly (can roll from belly to back) and is sitting unassisted.  So, we're not worried about strength issues.  

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Re: Anyone swaddle after 6 months?

  • no  too stressful.  baby doesn't need it  as long as you  hold him when he wants you
  • when you are with him.   of course you can't hold baby all the time
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    no  too stressful.  baby doesn't need it  as long as you  hold him when he wants you

    What?  This makes no sense.  Are you actually suggesting I hold him through the entire night?  Because, at this point, that is what would have to happen.  He moves his arms around like crazy, beats his face, and wakes himself up.  

    What is stressful about swaddling?  

    Born at 31w3d due to severe IUGR & Placental Insufficiency--2lbs 3ounces

    We'll miss you sweet Debbie Girl (4.21.12) and sweet Cindy Girl (8.9.12)
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  • We did but only because it hit right around the holidays, family death, and vacations when we were going to wean her (6 months).

    She is weaned now and it's been working out great.  The first time we tried to wean her (5 months) it went horrible.  We tried cold turkey first and that just didn't work for DD.  So for about 2 weeks we swaddled with 1 arm out... I think that got her used to having an arm free that she had to learn to control or whatever.  We would also switch which arm we left out.

    Then we started Ferber when we got back from the holiday vacations and cut out the swaddle, bouncing to sleep, and paci all in one night.  So far so good.

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  • We stopped swaddling at night at about 3 months -- he was breaking out of every swaddle we tried and the blanket was on his face twice. I got one of the sleep sacks that has the swaddle "attachment" to it -- he sleeps in that now, without the attachment because it keeps his feet contained (which was our issue, not his arms).

    We went cold turkey because DS was okay with that. When I laid him in the crib (asleep), I would hang onto his arms really tight for a minute or two until he relaxed, and then slowly release my grip so if he started to startle, I was right there. It took a few nights, and I was up more than usual, but he didn't do too bad! Then he decided he was a side sleeper for about a week, and then turned into a tummy sleeper a week after that.

    DCP still swaddles for naps, but he's been fighting the naps so I think he's done - the last time they tried to wean him, it didn't go so well! They will let him sleep on his tummy (especially since he rolls there), so we're having that conversation tomorrow.

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  • When we stopped swaddling it was a rough few, make that weeks. DS would wake up approx. every 3 hours & the only thing that would put him back to sleep was a bottle. (before we unswaddled him he would STTN) Ugh. Anyways, my point is that maybe he'll get used to not being swaddled. Granted it may take a couple of weeks.

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  • We just stop swaddling this past week. Lo will be 6mo next week. The first night was hard, and he keeps rolling from back to belly. Its getting better, but he is still rolling to his belly, so we have to move him back to his back after he falls asleep. Give it a try , he might get used to it quick.
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  • DD has very spazzy arms still- but we figured out that if she sleeps on her tummy, she won't wake herself up (her arms are usually underneath her).  She seems to like it better too and always rolls right onto her tummy when we put her in the crib.  You might think about trying tummy sleeping!
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  • We still swaddle from the chest down. He doesn't roll at all that way, and if he did by chance, he could roll himself back over or at least keep his head propped. He gets mad enough if he gets stuck, so I'm sure I'll hear him if he can't roll. It might be worth it to try just un-swaddling his arms (even with the startle-reflex) in case he did start to roll.
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  • We still swadle at night. I asked pedi, and she said it was totally fine as long as his arms are out and hes not swadled too tight. I don't plan on stoping anytime soon. He never rolls onto his tummy and, if he did, he has his arms free to roll himself back.
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