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baby discomfort

This is probably nothing something I should be excited about, but I definately am.  Tonight is the first night, that my baby kicked and it caused discomfort.. partially because of where it kicked..  my pelvis.  Might I add, that the baby has since been hanging out there and it is diffiniately causing more discomfort since the last time it was hanging that low a month ago...   I was hoping lo outgrew my pelvis..  but I guess not completely...
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Re: baby discomfort

  • Ugh!  I thought I was the only one who felt this.  I don't feel kicking, per se, but I feel like my girls are trying to escape through my skin under my ribs.  I feel constant pressure and pushing there, but never a sweet little kick or anything.

     Last week, I could rub my hand up and down one of the babies' spine.  So weird!

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