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Lily Padz Nursing Pads?

Any moms out there tried these before?  What are you thoughts on them?

 I went through the disposable pads like it was my job with DD #1, so I thought I might try these.  Much cheaper in the long run it seems! 

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Re: Lily Padz Nursing Pads?

  • I don't post on here very often, but I like them a lot.  In fact, I've used them a lot since having DS to smooth things out. 
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  • I used them and loved them, but it took a while before I could.  I had to wait a few months until I wasn't a leaky mess (I was a super producer).
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  • Agreed.  They don't work well if you're leaking a lot in the beginning, but once your supply and schedule are more worked out, they work great!  
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  • What the other ladies have said! A lady I talked to said that she used the disposable ones and then switched to the Lily Padz and they're wonderful! I'm gonna get some!
  • I LOVED them. I didn't discover them until DS was probably three months old, so I can't speak to the early leaking ... but I used them the rest of that year I breastfed and they were awesome. I went through a pair every 2 months or so, so I probably bought 4-5 pairs - totally worth it. I already bought myself a new pair for this baby!


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  • I've heard that long-term use of these isn't as good - lactation consultants have told me that they don't breath and can cause infection. Not sure how common this is but they say reusable / washable pads are the most healthy and are much softer!  check out www.buybamboobies.com for info about bamboobies. they're made of bamboo and are by far the softest on the market. the also have a waterproof layer that prevents leaks so they're better than other washable pads.
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