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Weight gain at 24 weeks?

Hi ladies! I'm 24 weeks today & gained 15 lbs. I just wanted to know if I'm on track with everyone? Last doctor appt. 3 weeks ago I had gained 10 lbs, so thats 5 lbs in 3 weeks! The holidays are making me tip the scales! Now I'm worried I'm gaining too much. I just went to visit my family back east & had 2 baby showers & my share of cupcakes & holiday snacks. Time to get back to the gym in 2012!

Re: Weight gain at 24 weeks?

  • I started at a "normal" weight before getting knocked up. At 24 weeks, I'd already put on 27 pounds. I'm afraid to get weighed again this week. My doctor doesn't care and even said my weight is "fine." Huh?
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  • I would be thrilled if I had only gained 15 lbs. 
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  • I lost 8 lbs right after finding out I was pregnant, but have gained it all back plus 2-3 so I'm averaging 10-11 lbs right now. I was overweight to begin with though and my weight gain for the whole pregnancy should be between 11-25 lbs. Hoping I don't go over that 25 lbs mark
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  • A little bit overweight to begin with.  Dropped 8 lbs in T1 and have gained it back +2lbs.  I weighed myself two days ago and thought it would have been higher. With DS I gained 15 lbs.  I expect I'll be in the 12-15 lb range this time. 
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  • As of last week I had gained 25 lbs. However, 5 of those lbs were gained in that week! I was shocked to see that I had gained 5lbs in just one week. I guess I got carried away over Xmas! With twin mamas they really want you to gain 20lbs by 20 weeks and I had gained 15lbs by then. It has been a lot of work because I never feel hungry, I always have heartburn, my ute is the size of a singleton at 34 weeks so there is no space in there, and I have to eat 160 g of protein a day.
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  • I was up 9 lbs at that point, but it's a LOT more than that now! Hoping some of the holiday bloat goes down by next weigh in now that I'm back on the food log.
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  • I am pretty much the same as you. Soon to be 24 weeks and I have gained 15 pounds. I am not worried about how much this week or weeks compared to before or later. I figure I eat when I am hungry and baby needs the nourishment. I still work out and do prenatal yoga. 

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  • Just about 20. I think I've gained 7lbs since my last appt, my next appt. is this week.
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  • At 24 weeks I was up  15 lbs. 
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  • My belly REALLY grew a lot between 20 and 24 weeks. I gained about 6 lbs, but up until that point I hadn't really gained much at all. At 138 (I'm 5'8 1/2")  I'm still at the high end of my average pre-pregnancy weight.

    I think that's pretty common to gain weight during that time period. That's when things really start expanding a lot! :)

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  • I've gained 22lbs but I'm pregnant with twins. Also, I didn't even gain till 15 weeks because of horrid M/S (which luckily I only lost 1lb with). So this gain has happened in the last 11 weeks. My doctor is happy with my gain ( normally a size 6 pre-pregnancy). I want to gain more asap but now it's piling protein in with minimal carbs because of my GD. I think this is better for the babies regardless though! We will see!!
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  • I lost 20 in my first 16 weeks. Now I'm 2 lbs below my pre pregnancy weight right now. At some point, I should gain!

    I'm 5'9" and started at 160 lbs. I'm now up to 158! Yahoo!!

  • At 23w2d, I've gained 20-22. I started out on the very low end of normal (bordering underweight). 

    I'm not happy with my weight gain, but only because I know it's the result of not eating well. I wouldn't mind if I had gained this much on a really healthy diet, but I haven't wanted to cook much this pregnancy and our fast food bill has skyrocketed. I'm putting my foot down for the new year. (in fact, I just got back from the grocery store after planning the next weeks worth of really healthy meals. Hooray for week one!) 

  • I had gained 25 at 24 weeks, I was pretty shocked when the dr told me, and she gave me a little warning to watch it too.
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  • I'm up 10 lbs in 24 weeks. I had morning sickness until 17 weeks so my appetite was not really there until recently. I hope to stay under 25 lbs when its all said and done
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  • I'm still down 5lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost 15 in the first trimester. But in the last month-ish I've gained back about 10 depending on when I weigh myself lol
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  • I was up 2 lbs at 25 weeks. Lost a few in the beginning and have gained 4-5 since. I'm trying to keep it under 15 total.
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  • I was up about 9-10 lbs at 24 weeks. That was pretty much all gained in month five, too! I didn't gain any weight until 18 weeks. I hope to gain no more than 30 pounds, as I'm only 5'3 and was 110 pre pg. I don't think I've gained any weight in the last two weeks. It just has a mind of its own!Y
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  • I am up 12 pounds at 24 weeks. I had been gaining quicker but lost a couple pounds due to a stomach bug I had last week. Actually, I put on most of the weight between weeks 16 and 21 but haven't gained anything since my last appointment 3 weeks ago. Before getting pregnant I had a BMI right smack in the middle of the healthy range.  15 pounds sounds just about right to me.

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  • I was up 14 pounds when I had my last dr appointment 12/21. If I were to guess I would say I am now hoovering around the 20 to 25 gain mark. I ate a lot this holiday season. Dr, was happy with my 15 pound weight gain and encouraged me to gain more so I think I am ok as long as I keep it under 50 pounds.


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  • 9.5 pounds gained at my last appointment at 24 weeks. I'm now 26, and with the Holidays, I know I'm up probably 2 more.  I'm trying to stay around 20 pounds for the entire pregnancy because I was 15 pounds overweight when we got pregnant.
  • I am doing my best not to compare my weight gain with other people because everyone is different and I'm getting sensitive about how some people are only gaining 5-10lbs so far. I'm several pounds away from 150 lbs right now and it is really freaking me out. The amount I've gained isn't freaking me out, but the actual number on the scale scares me.

    So far I've gained 20 pounds at almost 26 weeks. I just saw my doctor and he wasn't concerned with it at all. He actually said my weight gain was good and right on track for someone my size. 

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  • I think I'm at 16 lbs, that was at my 23 wk appt.
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  • I have my 24week Appt next week (Jan 9). My guess is i'll be at +20. I was at +16 at 20 weeks
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  • I'll be 25 weeks Tuesday and I'm up about 11 right now.
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  • It's MUCH more about what you were start out with.  If you were underweight, you should be gaining a little more than someone who was overweight prepregnancy.  

    I was borderline underweight when I got pregnant with my first (115 at 5'6"), and gained 65 pounds (that's too much, no matter what you start out with!), and at 20 weeks had gained 25 pounds- I put on 40 in the last 20 weeks.

     This time, I started out at a normal weight (130- my daughter was only 9 months old when I got pregnant with this one!), and have gained 22 pounds at 26 weeks (so much better than I was doing last time!).  My only concern was that four of those pounds were in the last week and a half, and I'm blaming the holidays.  My doctor is happy with this, and wants me to try to stay around 35 pounds for the pregnancy.  He also said not to worry AT ALL about holiday weight gain, because it's pretty common (cast in point, he said he put on 3 in the last week, so not to worry!).

    Check with your doctor if you are concerned- each of us is different, and we handle weight gain differently.  As long as you are eating relatively healthy meals, you're okay.  The time to be concerned is if you SUDDENLY gain several pounds over the course of a short time- like a week or a few days- because it can be a sign of pre-e (I know, I had it last time).  Good luck!

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  • Well i started out overweight before getting pregnant.  I'm 5'6'' and was about 230lbs before conceiving.  I had been almost 300 lbs at the age of 26 (i'm 32 now).  I had a lap band (band around my stomach to help with weight loss) and lost a bunch of weight.  I'm not the best about exercising and could have lost more if i really tried.  What's done is done and i know i can't freak out about it now.  My doc told me not to gain more than 15-20 lbs my whole pregnancy.  Well the lap band is adjustable, meaning you can take fluid out of the band so i can eat more or fill the band up more so i eat less.  I was vomiting so much, the doc took allt he fluid out, so it's like i don't have the band there at all.  I am 25 weeks and have gained 30 lbs.  i cried multiple times in the doctor's office because i gained so much weight.  I have tried so hard not to eat to much and walking a lot.  Everyone at work tells me to just chill out, i'm pregnant and i'm going to gain weight.  It's just so hard when you've had a weight problem your whole life and have always been "the fat kid" growing up.  I have noticed that now that i've tried to calm down about gaining so much weight, i have gained less...so who knows what's going on with my body!  I have my GTT on Wednesday, lets hope i don't have GD! 

     Good luck with the weight gain ladies...i know it's not easy!!


  • Up 12 lbs. at 24 weeks.  It has always been hard for me to put on weight, but I feel like in the past 4 weeks it's been much easier. 
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