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Vegan bumpies?

Is anyone a pregnant vegan out there? 

Should i cut the soy out? 

Re: Vegan bumpies?

  • Why would you cut the soy out? Are you concerned about passing on an allergy? There isn't enough definitive information out there about babies developing allergies due to what the mother eats for you to stop something. The only time I would think about avoiding something is if there are allergies in the family.

    I would focus on eating a good, balanced diet. It can be really hard while pregnant, especially if you suffer from morning sickness or HG. Good luck!

  • Do you have other LO's with a soy intolerance/allergy?  If not, I wouldn't worry about it.

    My DS has a dairy allergy, so our whole family went dairy free (I'm highly lactose intolerant).  Now that I'm pregnant again, I've started eating dairy.  Since we have such a high incidence of food intolerances and allergies in our family, it was recommended to me that I should go dairy free about a month before my due date, so that it's already out of my system for breastfeeding.  However, I seriously doubt that my eating dairy while pregnant is going to affect whether or not LO#2 is allergic/intolerant.

    I'm sure you and LO will be just fine with soy still in your diet.

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  • depends on what your reason for cutting it out is..

    I just had my second baby and i definitely did not eat as much soy as i did during my first pregnancy.  I had specific kind of soy and very limited on others.

    i'm a vegetarian  (on and off vegan)..

    I always thought soy is super healthy.. but just recently (the last year) i have read enough research and documentation about how soy is not all that healthy and full of GMO.. so i eat certain soy.. I will no longer eat tofu or drink soy milk.. but i still make food with soy sauce and i order miso.. I sometimes eat Tempeh but i'm not a huge fan of it..  

    good article -

  • i'm on  my 3rd vegan pregnancy.  I ate soy thru both my previous pregnancies and my kids are strong and healthy.  My oldest has some soy-intolerance, but I don't think that has to do with soy during pregnancy.  I think, for most anything, moderation is the key. Even non-pregnant you want to eat a variety of foods and 'protein' sources. 
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