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Bikram Hot Yoga?

I have been doing bikram hot yoga for about 2 1/2 years now.  I stopped for the past two months because i thought it wasn't good when i was TTC. I am 4 weeks pregnant now.  Is it safe to go back to bikram yoga?

Re: Bikram Hot Yoga?

  • I wouldn't go without approval from my Dr., an increase in body temp isn't good for you when pregnant.

    There's a topic about this in the Health & Exercise section and the consensus is no, go for regular yoga instead.

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  • I don't know much about that type of yoga, but anything that raises your body temp substantially while pregnant is not a good idea.  Have you thought about prenatal yoga?
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  • I would not, I'd be worried about my body temp becoming too elevated. I would personally stick to regular yoga but ultimately it's your call.
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  • I have personally heard mixed things about bikram yoga while pregnant. I love Bikram and working out but as far as I have been reading it is not good for the baby to raise your body temperature. Bikram will more than likely raise your temperature to high. I am still lifting weights, doing classes, and cardio but I am just sticking to normal yoga.  One of the rules with working out while pregnant is to not get overheated. I would talk with your Doctor on this one but until then play it safe and do regular yoga or another workout. 
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  • My Hot Yoga place says it is fine, but obviously they want your money.  They say you can go as long as you always have, just don't start.  But, I would do some research and ask your doctor. 
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  • I used to do bikram yoga also and definitely wouldn't do it while PG. I plan to find a good safe prenatal yoga and pick bikram back up after the baby is born. Talk to your dr but I doubt they will approve.
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  • My mom told me that heat separates the placenta, causing:

    On the baby:

    • If a large amount of the placenta separates from the uterus, the baby will probably be in distress until delivery and may die in utero, thus resulting in a stillbirth.
    • The baby may be premature and need to be placed in the newborn intensive care unit. He or she might have problems with breathing and feeding.
    • If the baby is in distress in the uterus, he or she may have a low level of oxygen in the blood after birth.
    • The newborn may have low blood pressure or a low blood count.
    • If the separation is severe enough, the baby could suffer brain damage or die before or shortly after birth.

    My doctor doesn't allow me to take baths, or hot showers.  You should talk to your doctor. 

  • You didn't think it was good to do while you were trying to get pregnant but you would be fine doing it when you're actually pregnant?  I'm not following the logic on this one.
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  • How hot is the room?

    Most authentic yoga places have the room at about 100 degrees but places like Lifetime fitness have their hot rooms at about 85 degrees. My doctor said it's fine to do yoga in a room that is lower than 90 degrees. I would ask your doctor before doing it again. 


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  • I wouldn't (and I'm not a cautious pregnant lady). It seems like a high increase in your core body temp is not a good thing. I'd switch to regular yoga (which I did throughout...I just told the instructor and she modified certain poses for me).
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  • I would not. You can sweat to cool yourself off, your baby cannot.
  • No...you are supposed to maintain a body temp under 100. You can't take a bath hotter than that so hot yoga is out.


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  • image itkatydid:
    I would not. You can sweat to cool yourself off, your baby cannot.


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  • We're not supposed to be in saunas, which are hotter than hot yoga studios, but you only sit in a sauna. So I think probably not. I'm starting prenatal yoga soon and it seems pretty specialized.
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