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XP- need better night time diaper solutuion or may never get close to STTN

My LO is in a mix if cloth diapers and pampers.  We switched back to disposables a few weeks ago because of issues with leaking and him waking up fussing from feeling wet at night.

He generally sleeps 3 hour stretches at night, but i feel like i am on the brink of getting him to go longer.  One of the issues is not having a diaper that keeps him dry enough and doesn't leak to get through the night without a change.

Today and Tonight for example he has been sleeping really well.  He BF and was changed at 9pm.  Slept till midnight.  Gave him a 6oz bottle of expressed BF.  He hungrily drank it all and fell sound asleep 5 mins later. 3 am he woke up like normal.  I did our normal nurse for that time.  One side maybe 15 mins.  Again right back to sleep no diaper change because not poopy.  About 4 am i hear him fussing in cradle.  He kept it up for about 20 mins.  No crying just grunting and lots of movement.  I Decided he wasnt going back to sleep and needed to be changed.  He had a HUGE wet diaper that leaked at top and soaked onesie. It was as saturated as a disposable can get. 

That diaper had been on for  7 hours.  I know people who's babies are going 12 hrs in a disposable.  So clearly I have a heavy wetter. Is it possible something is wrong that he pees so much?  I asked pedi and he wasnt concerned because he is thriving.  He weighed 12 lbs at 2 month visit and was a 23.5 inches.  He is in Pampers Swaddlers size 2.

Any ideas on what i try for a diaper that will get us through from 9pm-7am without needing to be changed (assuming no poop) and wont leak?  I know there are pampers overnights that claim to be 12 hr, but from what I've seen they are only size 3 and up. 

I am desperate.  This has happened 3 times over the past 3 weeks.  I like giving him the big bottle at midnight because i feel like its my only chance to pack enough BF in him if i want to ever get 5 hours of straight sleep.  I feel like we are sooo close, but the diaper thing is killing me.

PS..he has also can leaked through a pampers in a long afternoon nap 3+ hours if it wasn't changed just before nap.
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Re: XP- need better night time diaper solutuion or may never get close to STTN

  • A couple of thoughts...First, it doesn't sound like his pee is the only thing waking him up. If he's eating like that, even with  diaper solution he's still not going to STTN.

    I'm not sure what size diaper he is in but they do make Pampers size 2 dry max which supposedly last 12 hours, so you could try those. But again, even with a 12 hour diaper, it sounds like he is still hungry every 3 hours. 

    Since your baby is waking up anyways to eat though you way want to consider changing him before he eats. That's what we do because we have a super-pee-er also. Even if it stimulates him for a couple minutes, he always gets sleepy again once he gets the bottle.  So you may want to consider him changing him at least at the midnight or 3am feeding. Just try it one night.  Just make sure you do it before he eats.

    If my DS is just waking up and is not hungry, I do not change the diaper.  


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  • Hannah sleeps close to 12 hrs and it's over 12 hrs since the last diaper change.  We too are in pampers size 2 and although the diaper is saturated it holds up.  We tried the pampers dry (12 hr) size 2 but DH said it was worse.  Maybe try a size bigger.
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  • I am at a loss about this too... DS was STTN, but now is waking to eat 1-2X. Previously I wasn't changing him unless he pooped and it was fine, but he must be wetting so much more because if I attempt to do this now, he will be soaked through in the morning. Since he is waking to eat (clearly to eat in our case, like gulps steadily for about 10-15 mins) I have taken to change him at that time anyways, and it helps lengthen his next stretch. I would like it if he could go 12 hours and might try to see if I can find another diaper solution, but until then I am just changing him before he eats.
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  • He might be ready to move up a diaper size soon - ds was at right about the 13lb mark. Honestly the weights are a loose guideline and it's more about your baby's body shape. I believe bru sells a product called diaper boosters - extra-absorbable inserts for regular disposable diapers. Could look into those?
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  • We just started using huggies swaddlers 2 for DD and have always used a size up at night from what we use in the day. In a few weeks I will search for a good size 3 for night. 
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  • Just my 2 cents ... have you tried a different brand of disposable diapers?  I have a friend with al boys who does not like pampers at all.  But for my DD pampers works great.  I would buy a couple small packs of different brands and try that. 

    And I wouldn't worry about his size.  12 lbs and 23.5 inches at 2 months is perfect!

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  • He definitely needs to be changed every time he eats.  When he stops eating as often during the night, he will also stop peeing as much - because there isn't as much liquid going in.

    If you change him every time you feed him, he should be okay - a diaper will last a feeding's worth of peeing.  As the feedings space out further, the diapers should last longer.  

    If that's still not the case, consider going up a size at night, or even double-diapering.  I have a friend who puts her son in a size 2 diaper, and then a size 3 diaper over top of it, for the night.   

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  • We CD but have been doing one disp. at night becasue LO is also a heavy wetter and was leaking through all of my combinations.

    Pampers Baby Dry have been the best but sometimes he still leaks. He leaked horribly in the swaddlers though so maybe try the baby dry?


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  • We use cloth all day but disposable at night for the same reason. We were using pampers with no problems and switched to store brand (superstore) and haven't had any problems with those either. I'd just try a few different kinds, buy small packs, and see if you can find one that works.
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  • For your CD, you can try hemp or bamboo inserts.  Double stuffing those may help.

    As for disposables, IME overnight diapers run smaller than normal diapers.  For example, DD is in size 2 luvs, but can wear a sz 3 pampers overnight diaper.  DS was the same way.  So you may want to give overnight diapers a shot.

    Last, if he is eating 12+ ounces at night, he's peeing a lot.  There is only so much you can do.  You may need to change him at one of the feedings.   

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  • the easy way.... pampers baby dry nighttime diapers.  12 hours plus....
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