2nd Trimester


Anyone else getting them? Anything but Tylenol helping?

I have one almost everyday. Doctor said if Tylenol helps then not to worrry.

I am watching my BP which has been normal on a daily basis. I had pre-e with my DD so I am on the lookout again.


Re: Headaches

  • I'm getting them often too. Not everyday, but often enough. If I'm home, I will normally try to sleep it out because I want to avoid Tylenol altogether. 

    I hear they are quite normal during pregnancy...sucks, I know! 

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  • I've been getting headaches more often now in my 2nd trimester. And Tylenol does nothing for me. I usually take a nap and it goes away. I've also been having a lot of Sinus pressure.
  • A friend  of mine is on her 4th pregnancy and this one is the first time she's experienced headaches enough to cause alarm. Her doctor told her that she wasn't drinking enough water. She even let me know in case I came into a similar situation. I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and headaches aren't a problem. It's just an idea and it's a simple solution if it works. :) Hope it helps.
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  • I get them frequently. Tylenol is a joke. If they last for more than a day I take Lortab.

    So far I can't find any cause for them. I'm hydrated, my blood sugar is fine, my BP is good. My doctor said it's just one of those pregnancy things that some women have to deal with. He actually explained it in medical terms...increased blood flow, raging hormones, blah, blah, blah, but what I heard was "your head is going to hurt like a motherfvcker....here's some pills to help you take a nap when that happens."

    Hope you feel better!!

  • Horrible horrible headaches. I had one every day for about 7 days -- then it stopped. Now, for the last 3 days .. again! Tylenol isn't touching it!! My head actually hurts to touch. 
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  • I had a terrible headache on Wednesday and am determined not to take anything during my pregnancy. I tried drinking lots of water because I thought maybe I was dehydrated. Didn't work. I slept on and off through the day whenever I felt the need. Didn't work. I was throwing up all day. No relief. I whined to DH. No relief. Finally I gave up and went to bed for the night and woke up headache-free. I figured it was just "one of those things." One of those very annoying things. I hope it doesn't happen very often. Good thing I'm still on holidays!
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  • This is my second child and I can't recall having headaches with my daughter but I have them everyday with this pregnancy. I thought it was my job lol but now I see I'm not the only person with this problem.
  • Sure am! Have one now.  I've been getting one every few days and I almost feel like this is the first pregnancy I've had them so often. But I know I'm not drinking enough water, so that's always my go-to remedy (though it doesn't always work). I'm trying to avoid tylenol all together, but we'll see how that goes. I increase my water and try to lay down if I can (I did that before supper tonight and I swear my kids just get louder when I shut my bedroom door...)
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  • I have been getting them as well, but just attributed them to my sinuses.
  • My doctor told me to sip on some caffeine.  It was magic!!!  I get them about every other day and I'll buy a fountain soda from the gas station and sip on it and it goes away.

    Thank goodness because I wasn't able to function!

  • I was getting them almost everyday early in my 2nd tri and my doctor told me I could take Extra Strength Tylenol and drink caffeine. She said they wanted me to get any caffeine intake from liquid not from a pill (i.e., she said don't take Exederin Tension - or whichever pill it is that is just acetomenphine and caffeine).  I usually only had to take one dose (2, 500 mg pills) and drink one soda to get rid of the headache or at least take the edge off it enough to feel like I could function.  I also recommend drinking lots of water in case you're getting them due to dehydration. 

    You may want to check with your doctor to see if you can take the Extra Strength dosage.  If it gives you any hope, the daily headaches eventually went away (I still get one every now and then).  I'm about to head into the 3rd tri and I'm hoping they don't come back!

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  • I woke up one morning last week with a headache that lasted 3 days. It is still on and off. I think mine is caused by a knot that I have in my neck. I can't work it out. I must have been sleeping hard at a funny angle. Oh well...at least it's a good excuse for DH to rub my neck and shoulders.
  • Tylenol and caffeine weren't touching my headaches.  ob prescribed phenergan; i guess it works on headaches too. it is helping  bp is good here, so i'm not too worried yet.
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  • I was getting them everyday too! My doctor put me on Fioricet. Just one little pill and boom! Headache gone! However, if my headache was caused by tension or stress, it only made things worse, so it was important to be able to tell the difference. Currently, I am not taking them because it seems the headaches have subsided, but I feel your pain and I would ask your doctor about Fioricet. 
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