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Random question for those that are already moms

So, for those of you that have children already, what is the difference between 0-3 month and newborn sizing in baby clothes? I found a funny onesie that I want to order, but was confused when I saw the sizes listed.

Is there any difference?

Will baby #3 be another girl?


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Re: Random question for those that are already moms

  • newborn is up to 8/8.5lbs I think. Something like that. My second DD was 8.4 at birth and newborn fit her for like 2 weeks.
  • Newborn is smaller.  You'd think 0-3 mos would fit a newborn but they may swim in them for the 1st 2 weeks.  My DD was 7 1/2 lbs at birth and was swimming in her newborn outfit.  I've even heard some girls getting preemie outfits for a better fit...but again in 2 weeks they'll be able to wear newborn or 0-3 just fine. 
  • It depends on the brand too, I think. Some brands run big while others run small.

    I always think if you are ordering online that a 3-6mo. size is the way to go.

  • Yes, after the baby is born they are generally to small for 0-3 months (it's more based on weight).  NB stuff is usually for 6 - 10 lbs and 0 - 3 is for 10 - 15 lbs.  However just like adult clothing every store/line is a little different.  DD still has some 18 month stuff that she fits in and some 24 month stuff she is to big for....there is no "uniform" fitting guide.


    However, I wouldn't but very much newborn stuff.  Generally they are only in it for a few weeks and you will get TONS as gifts.  You are better off buying stuff from 6- 9 and up.

  • DD was 7.4 and 21" at birth and in NB for 5 weeks.
  • My DD was v. petite and wore NB clothing for almost 3 months. 0-3 is bigger
  • agreed- newborn is smaller, but I wouldn't buy much of it in advance.  some babies never wear newborn, some only for a few weeks, or like our DS, he wore it for months.

    brand also makes a HUGE difference.  gerber runs smaller while carter is bigger.  off brands in my experience have a tendency to run small.  at 3 months DS wore a 12 month NFL brand jersey (it was a little big on him mind you, but he wasn't swimming in it) while he was wearing 0-3 everything else.

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