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Another Wool Question: Kissaluvs Wool Lovers vs Sbish?

Which do you like more? I started with Kissaluvs but bought a Sbish cover bc I was curious after all the rave reviews on the product. After a ridiculously long wait, I received my Sbish cover and learned a lesson that it is better to not buy them directly through Sloomb. Anyway, I could the Sbish to be thicker with a tighter knit but that they didn't come up high enough on her belly, which resulted in the back of her diaper peeking out and sometimes causing leaks as a result. The Kissaluvs have a super high rise and have a nice tight knit, although not as tight as the Sbish. Did you find the same thing? Am I just buying the wrong Sbish size or product, or is the rise too short?
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Re: Another Wool Question: Kissaluvs Wool Lovers vs Sbish?

  • I don't have any Kissaluvs, but I LOVE my Sbish! I fing the rise to be plenty high on the covers. I use a medium sbish snapped fitted with a small sbish wool cover everynight and I have never had a problem. The Sbish wool rise goes a good 2 inches (if not more) above his fitted and honestly don't think his fitted would ever be able to poke out of the top of it! I'm not sure why you are having this problem, but I agree DON'T buy directly from Sbish!

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  • I have an old interlock (strechy felted wool) cover from sbish that is now getting too small for DD and the rise is starting to get too short causing the fitted to peak out sometimes. My best guess is that it is a size issue. That said I only have sbish wool so not much to compare it to.
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