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advice for delivering on fort carson.

We are pregnant with our first baby and i haven't heard too many good things about delivering on fort carson. i was wondering if i should look into changing to tricare standard to deliver else where. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: advice for delivering on fort carson.

  • I just found out I'm pregnant and was wondering the same. I was thinking of changing to Standard just so I can go to the same Dr. throughout the whole pregnancy. I also don't like how my first "appointment" is at the 9 week mark and its just an information meeting as oppose to meeting with a Dr. They didn't even seem to care that my last pregnancy was high risk.
  • same here. when i made my appointment they didnt tell me what was going to happen so i had my husband take the day off and they told (after we were there) that he didnt need to come and our ultrasound was going to be 2 days later. they dont seem very prepared for people who do this everyday and then they act like youre bothering them. my last appointment was a joke. the lady seemed like i was taking up her time by asking questions. i signed up for the centering classes with the midwife that i really liked. i still havent made a decision, i will after my next appointment. good luck!
  • I'm being seen on fort Carson and so far I love it! I have an awesome midwife who knew ive had a couple miscarriages. She makes sure I'm at ease with everything and answers all my questions. I toured labor and delivery not long ago and everyone there seemed helpful and very knowledgable. Good luck,hope your experiences are good ones as well! 
  • Hi ladies! I have delivered on Fort Caroson. I was only seen there a couple of times (we are Air Force). Let me know of y'all have any specific questions and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability
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  • thanks for the input. Ive heard mixed things and this is our first baby so im a little nervous. i just want to make sure that i dont have to see a bunch of different people. but so far i really liked the first mid wife i saw. i should be able to see her from now on. did you get to pick the person who delivered for you?
  • I saw the same midwife throughout my pregnancy. When you deliver, you will have whoever happenes to be working that day/night. I delivered with Lilly Bultma(I believe that is how you spell her last name). She was amazing!! There is also a male nurse in delivery who was also great. My LO was in the special care unit for 4 days and we also had a great experience there. You can take a tour of the hospital whenever you want as long as they are not busy. If you want to find out the sex of your child before 20wks (I did at 16wks) go to First Glimpse, thy are inexpensive and you get a cd and video to share. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'll be glad to help. I also was terrified of delivering at Evans because of the horror stories you hear about military care and I did have a fantastic experience!!!
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  • oh that makes me feel so much better! thank you so much for the input. I have my first "centering" appointment on tuesday and  im actually pretty excited about it, it will be nice to meet other people around the same place in their pregnancy. I have my 20wk ultrasound on friday and can not wait. thanks again for sharing your experience. Big Smile
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