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Birth Announcement Recommendations?

I've perused tinyprints.com and storkie.com, but just wanted to see if anyone had any other online recommendations for cute, budget-friendly announcements?  I ordered them from tinyprints.com for my first, and I remember them taking over a month to arrive.  That might have been a fluke or just the typical processing time?
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Re: Birth Announcement Recommendations?

  • We used shutterfly for my dd. I liked them and it didn't take long. My dh was off for 2 weeks after the birth and we sent them out while he was still home. So they didn't take long to get to us.
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  • I'm always looking at www.etsy.com

    They have some designs you can buy and print yourself.  Major cost savings!

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  • I forget where I got mine last time, but photo printing places are always a good option too.  For instance you could order them from Costco photo and have them done the next day.  At least for the christmas cards this year the photo cards were 50 for $15.  Can't be that!!!

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  • Photo kiosks at places such as CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. That way you get them the same day.
  • I was just looking at announcements yesterday since I'm a FTM and had no clue what to expect them to cost. It appears that tinyprints is the most expensive of the ones I looked at. I have a friend that used shutterfly and they turned out nice. I think I have a $20 coupon or gift card for there from one of my registries. I also looked at the ones on BuyBuyBaby.com. They allow you to order samples for free and so I did that and they should be here tomorrow. I'm hoping they arrive with a nice coupon because they look like they'll be very nice and an economical option.
  • We used the postcard format for our Christmas cards from tiny prints and loved them. Very good thick paper quality (I have not seen anything else as thick) They are about .90 per card (but there is usually a coupon somewhere) and the stamp is only 28 cents since it is a postcard.  I am using basically the same list as my Christmas cards which I have set up to print on labels (Staples) so I will just print, stick, and send!
  • I used Target, and it worked great.  You make the card through the Kodak site, and pick them up at your store in an hour (or can have them shipped).  Plus I underestimated how many I wanted to send, so it was very easy to order 20 more and pick them up later.
  • image kali55:

    I'm always looking at www.etsy.com

    They have some designs you can buy and print yourself.  Major cost savings!

    This. I looked at tinyprints.com also, but buying them from etsy and printing them at Costco or Sam's is a HUGE savings. Plus I like that they can be custom designed.

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  • i have looked through etsy and pinterest and found a design i like, made something similar in photoshop and printed them on the custom template at the costco 1 hour photo greeting cards.  you get 50 for 14.99 and for each additional 25 it's something like $5. 

    they turned out pretty cute. :)


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  • I looooove Tinyprints.com! I've been ordering from them for years. I usually like to check on etsy.com, minted.com, and peartreedesigns.com to see what else is out there, but I always seem to go back to tinyprints. I've had fantastic customer service with them (once I completely effed up my order) and I always get the order super fast. Maybe your order was a fluke last time?
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  • Costco! Ready in two days, decent templates and 50 for $15 at my local store!

    I used tinyprints with my first, they were cute, but yes, took a while and got pretty costly - I think we spent $50.

  • Vista Print! They always have coupons and have such cute designs. I couldn't pick one last time so I did a non-traditional colored one (gray, yellow, white, and black) that were 4X8 on cardstock. The baby was on the front with all his stats and for the back I did a few big brother and baby pictures. Everyone loved that they were two sided and included a big bro shot that wasn't taking over the card.
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