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new mom to be, am i almost there?

As i posted last week, i have had some rather painful contractions that were not rythmic at all and had no pattern.  I would have 1, then the next 12 hours not have one, etc.  Well yesterday, DH and i were in the store and i all of a sudden had a buckleing pain in the middle/left side of my abdomen.... lasted about 1 minute or so, then dulled down to just pressure.... i wanted a milkshake (cause i should get what want right? haha) and were in line at teh drive through about 20 minutes later (had another one)..... went home about 25 minutes later, had another one.... 30 minutes later had another one, then all the pain completely left and i am sitting her this morning sort of dumbfoudned as to why they stopped.  These were not Braxton Hicks as they took my breath and made it feel like my whole body locked up.... walking around and lying down didnt help the pain go away... all i could do was do my breathing to relieve some of it...almost like someone was stabbing me..... my sister in law said that was a real contraction.  I had 4 within a 2 hr period... nothing as of yet this morning except a dull achy crotch (TMI).  I have never experienced this.  I have not lost my Mucous plug yet (at least i havent seen it) and go back to the DR tomorrow.  At my last check which was 13 days ago... i was dialted to 3-4 cm on the outside and 1 cm on the inside.  Whats going on with me?  Is she almost here?  Any thoughts on possible time frames?

Re: new mom to be, am i almost there?

  • im in the exact same position as you!! its getting really hard to just sit here lol.  i have my doc apt. today at 12 so hopefully he will let me know if ive improved at all.  last week i was 3 cm and fully effaced.  all i can say is try and keep calm, drink water, and continue with your business! its so hard...lol.  my husband is more impatient than me though. he keeps saying "just come out baby! i want to meet you!" :) good luck!
  • Thanks you too. when are you due? My hubby is extra excited as well.... He wants her here. I don't understand the whole dilated 3_4 cm on outside and only 1 on inside...
  • I keep getting a shooting pain where my cervix is.  I have been getting these, especially in the later evening, for the past few nights.  I asked my midwife about them, and she said it was just pressure from the baby's head.  Bummer.  

    With my first, my water broke and contractions started, so it was easy to know.  With my second, I had menstrual-like pains (not bad, though) for about 6 hours.  When they got really painful, I went to the hospital and I was 9.5cm dilated!  After two births, I'm still not sure when I'll know labor is starting for sure!!

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  • Figures.... More waiting... My mother and sister in law told me to get good rest last night cause we were in for a few long days shortly ahead.... I asked my duster in law what she meant and she said that I was within a couple days of having this baby
  • I guess this was a false alarm.... Nothing new this morning at all with the exception of me being out of sorts kind of..... Pressure on ab... And pressure on exit door... Haha. Is it possible that I don't nest right before? Our lose my plug? Just curious. Anyone feel disoriented and exhausted right before birth? Thought you were supposed to get super energy....
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