3rd Trimester

contractions stopped... so disapointed

So yesterday I posted that I saw my doc and I am 4cm, 80% effaced.  I had contractions on and off all day.  I went to bed and my contractions stopped all together.  I am pumping today to see if that will help things going again.  But I am so confused as to why this would happen at this point.  Shouldn't I be in full blown labor?
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Re: contractions stopped... so disapointed

  • One would think so huh? I was 3cm and at least 80% two days ago. . .that day I had a ton of contractions, yesterday very few. . .some started a bit ago so I am timing them, but hopefully you and I will go into labor soon lol
  • That sucks. Your body is doing something though, and hopefully it will help you when you do go into full blown labor. Good luck!!
  • I had the same thing happening to me a week ago.I was 3 cm completely thinned (whatever that means) with timbale contractions that died down.They did come back a bit over Christmas, but they weren't strong enough.

    I'm so antsy, going bunkers...I want to meet my LO so badly! 

  • with DS I got contractions one day consistently up to 10 min apart and then they stopped when I went to bed.  I didn't actually go into labor until days later.  Your body will go when it is ready and that is the most frustrating thing ever!!
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  • I know...  it's SO frustrating that there's not a clear-cut way to know if you're in labor or not.  I wish my water would just break or something so I could know for sure!  There should be a 4th Trimester board Smile.


    Good luck to you all!!!

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  • It sucks but that's why many people choose not to be checked.  I was 3-4 CM and 80% from 37 weeks on last time.  DS was born via induction at 42 weeks.
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  • Mine were 3 min apart for about 7 hours on Tuesday and then just stopped.  I had my normal appt that day and the ob hooked me up to a monitor and watched them for a while, sent me home to labor and expected to see me back later that night and the stupid things just stopped.
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  • I am a labor and delivery nurse, and this my first baby. I now realize the disappointment patient's go thru, when they come to the hospital in false labor. I have been going thru this all week, I can't wait to see my baby face. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. :-)
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