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Smallest infant seat?

I have a 2010 Subaru Tribeca, with my third due in a couple days.  My current set-up is to have my two toddlers in the third row, and the infant seat (Graco Snugride) behind the passengers seat.  Technically it works, but the passenger seat has to be as far forward as possible and my son who is behind the infant has very little leg room. Does anyone know of an infant seat that has a small footprint?  My 3 year old daughter is currently in a Britax Marathon that she has been in since birth, but I can switch her to a toddler seat if the Britax would allow more space for the infant?

P.S.  My lease isn't up until 2013, so getting a larger car/minivan isn't an option. I know there are ways to get out of a lease, but that's another message board...

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Re: Smallest infant seat?

  • personally I would get a carseat that is smaller for your 3 yr old.  the britax (as far as i know) is pretty big and pushes that child further forward toward the seat in front.  I have a radian 65 (it s 3 yrs old and now they make radian 80), which allows my sons back to be closer to the back seat and give more leg room.  I would think the infant seats are all going to be fairly similar in size since they need to have a certain length for a baby, though they may vary by an inch or so.
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  • We got a Chicco Keyfit 30 and it fits in MH's Saturn (with a tiny back seat) without having to move the seats forward.  His car is just like this...


    Now, that won't help your son in the 3rd row, unless you can move the 2nd row seat up.  That sounds like an issue with his own seat.

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  • When  my DD was born I was still driving a mazda rx8.  We used the maxi-cosi mico carseat.  If it can fit in the back of my tiny rx8, it can fit your car.
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