Did everyone survive the holidays?

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Re: Did everyone survive the holidays?

  • We had three parties (Christmas eve, Christmas and boxing day) - one with my family, DH's mum's family, and his dad's.

    Owen finally caught on to breastfeeding on Christmas eve but still wants to eat about every hour for about 20 minutes which is a mini blessing because I got to seek refuge at the parties but also annoying because I missed out on some good food. 

    Owen's room looks like Carters and BRU spit up in it.  Between six aunts and uncles, six grandparents, and seven great grand parents Owen was really spoiled.  I think we need some more toy bins for his room.

    Anyone else a lot of the "is he doing this yet," and the "why isn't he doing this yet?" a lot?

    Love family but DH and I are excited to spend the day in pj's tomorrow and begin our "vacation."  He's done his marking and school doesn't start again until the 2nd.

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  • Survive, yes!  DH had a 4-day weekend and has been uber helpful with DS.  I got to to clean on Friday, take a bubble bath on Saturday, pump in peace on Sunday, and today, I got to watch a movie and attempt a nap.  (I didn't actually fall asleep during my naptime because the phone rang, but I enjoyed it anyway.)  I'm really bummed he's back to work tomorrow...

    Of course, I am now really paranoid that DS picked up a cold bug from one of the relatives we saw over the weekend, even though we were diligent about purell, not letting others touch/hold the baby, etc.

    ETA: Congrats, OP on Owen getting his BF on!  Also, I didn't get so much of the milestone questions as the "why can't we touch him?" and "when can we expect another baby?"  Ugh!

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  • Yes..we survived...DH and I were worried about our families getting along since Christmas was at our house and we had everyone over.  They just don't get along, someone always ends up offended, etc. etc...But yesterday was great!  Everyone came together for baby's first Christmas without a hitch.  There were lots of gifts, baby helped unwrap and was really smiley.  Now we have so many toys and clothes, I have no idea where to store them...After everyone left (early this morning) LO was super cranky.  Today was a blur, he just didn't want to go back to our normal routine...all in all, the holidays were great.  A year ago today, we found out that we were pregnant, what a difference a year makes  :)
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  • The holidays were exhausting. Baby Caroline had a rough day on Saturday - lots of unexplained desats, increased need for O2 (she went from 2 L at 21% to 3 L at 25-28%). She got a full infection workup, including labs, blood cultures, and a urine culture. All negative, thank God. Then she was warm, then she wasn't, then my husband got to hold her (thankfully long enough to read Twas the Night Before Christmas) and then she started desating and we had to put her back. It was super stressful. Christmas Day was just long and exhausting. Caroline was slightly better, but still not her usual fiesty self. They did a chest xray today, which was normal, and another echo just to make sure her PDA had not re-opened (which no one told me originally that could happen! WTH!) but it was still closed. I guess she just had a bad weekend. I dunno. I'm worn out emotionally just thinking about it. I was sad and grouchy pretty much the whole weekend, my husband didn't get Friday or today off, so we got no time to spend together without family or nurses around. I dunno. Grrr.
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  • My 19 month old son is driving me crazy.  It was nice to be at the inlaws and have grandpa and grandma there to look after him and play with him. 

    And I almost puked at Christmas dinner.  Luckily, I made it to the bathroom in time. 

    I did really well at the sales today--got a lot of cute clothes. 

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  • Everything was better than last year, since everybody had a nasty flu bug back then.  This year was very low-key, and the kids are finally old enough to understand some of the  excitement of Santa.  Great food, great visits, and only a tiny little puke from my little man when he got too excited.  That is great holiday!
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