1st Trimester

Update from the hospital

I am sad to say that we lost the baby. I have been blessed with two healthy pregnancies before and I can't tell you the heartache I feel right now. It is simply impossible to not get attached and to start thinking ahead. I am so sorry coy the ladies that have been through a m/c as I can now relate to the emotional pain. It's like an emtyness and I just find mysel thinking over and over again "now what?"


I am blessed my husband was there with me. The bleeding has slowed down. I am still here because they were worried about the amount of blood. I bled through a pad an hour for close to 12 hours until it finally just slowed down. This unfortunately happend while I was out of town away from my OB. We decided against a D&C until I have my doctor check me tomorrow. I am hoping by then my body will just have done what it needs. 


I am a believer of everything happening for a reason. Although the heartache is still there I do feel ok. Thank you ladies for listening and allowing me to express my thoughts and feelings. Good luck to all of you, praying for a smooth rest of your pregnancies. And for all you new mommies to be, Enjoy it, enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can I know you are all anxious for baby to be here, but the pregnancy is just as beautiful and special. HUGS to all.

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