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Intro & a question

Just wanted to say hello to everyone!  I am both excited and still a little bit in shock to be here!  I've read the board everyday now since receiving my BFP on 12/22.  My EDD is 8/27 & this is my second child.  Is anyone else having constant headaches or have no appetite?  I don't remember experiencing these symptoms the first time around.  Maybe the headaches are due to the lack of caffeine (I was a heavy coffee drinker before discovering I was pregnant).
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Re: Intro & a question

  • I was getting horrible headaches when I gave up caffeine with my last pregnancy.  Doctor told me it was okay to have one serving of caffeine throughout the day.  So I would have one cup of coffee in the morning, and that helped alot
  • headaches, yes!
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  • I had the headaches the first time around.  1 caffinated beverage a day did wonders!
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  • I had been drinking SEEEEEVERAL cans of Diet Mountain Dew a day before my BFP. lol, kind of gross if you think about it! I switched to water instantly but I had to have a can of Pepsi Throwback every day. There's a Mountain Dew variety as well, but I wanted to try to minimize the caffeine intake. It's just the regular drink except it's made with pure sugar instead of the high fructose corn syrup crap. I think it tastes much better than "regular" soda/pop. The calories are still there, but as a treat, I'm fine with it.

    I haven't had the Pepsi in a few days now and I feel fine. My head was pretty miserable for a few days. I do have a can of Sierra Mist every day, again with real sugar, to satisfy my urge to have soda. It also settles my stomach a bit. Whole Foods has ginger ale with real sugar, too, and I've resorted to a can of that before as well. Still not sure if my upset stomach is just nerves/excitement or if it's real pregnancy related nausea yet, haha. 

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