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T&P Needed!!!!

My husband & I had sex last night & when I woke up this morning & went to pee, I noticed blood. It was not a lot at first but enough to show up on the tissue when I wiped. I immediately panicked & called my doctor's office. The Dr. on call assured me that it's common to experience bleeding in the first trimester after intercourse & not to be alarmed unless it becomes heavy like a period or it is accompanied with extremely painful cramps. It has continued all day. I only see it when I go to the restroom but when I wipe it is bright red & looks like what I'd see if I were on my period. I also have period like cramping, enough to make me uncomfortable but not doubling over in pain or anything. I stayed in bed all day & tried to rest as much as possible. Please tell me there is still hope for my little baby.
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Re: T&P Needed!!!!

  • I get it after every bowl movement and every time we have sex. It's not a whole lot but it's usually bright red or pink. The cramping could just be the regular cramping you would get because your uterus is growing. Not saying that all of this is the case but I am 11 weeks today and after 3 ultrasounds we have seen a heart beat every time. We've had two miscarriages in our past history. I know how scary blood can be at any level. Thoughts and prayers headed your way.
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  • Thank you for the encouragement & kind words
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  • I have not experienced bleeding firsthand but I can tell you that I've seen your situation on these boards often and nearly always there's absolutely nothing wrong! Get a good night's sleep and hopefully it will be a thing of the past in the morning!
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  • Definitely still hope!  That's the kind of bleeding I had for a week right after my BFP, but all is wellnow.  Hope all turns out well for you also!  I was told that sex can cause spotting for several days if the cervix was irritated (my bleeding was late implantation and my body trying to have AF anyway, but they warned me about this for the future).  I would keep your dr informed though and see if s/he can get you in to make sure everything is okay.  Rest is a very good idea!  And stay hydrated!
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