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Mom's of picky eaters,help

I am so frustrated with DD.  She has become such a picky eater.  She only wants to eat snacks.  I can get her to eat nutra-grain waffles, apples, applesauce, yogurt, mac and cheese, pasta, pizza.  And some other random foods.  It just isn't enough.  I am so worried about her eating.  What can you get your LO to eat?  I need suggestions.  Thanks
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Re: Mom's of picky eaters,help

  • Mine is a pretty good eater, likes almost everything so far except green beans - those are on the floor everytime. One idea is to make her quesadilla's - and put some healthy stuff in it w/ the cheese. My LO loves them - whether it's spinach or chicken or beans... :)
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  • Will she eat bread?  My DD is fussy but her DCP is great at getting her to eat new foods.  She smashes them up and puts them on bread or toast, and sometimes tops it with something she knows she likes, like hummus or guacamole.  For example, she got her to eat tuna salad by mashing it up really well, putting it on toast, and covering it with a thin layer of hummus.  My DD also loves cut up fruit of any kind, and steamed veggies that are in big enough chunks for her to pick up, like steamed carrot sticks.
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  • You can slip some broccoli or other veggies in the mac-and-cheese. That would help. Also, one thing I found that helped TONS with making sure he got the right nutrition during his picky phase (which still occasionally rears its head) is to give him those fruit/veggie pouches. I buy the Happy Tot brand which are about 1.19 at Target. Lots of nutrition packed into those. He was in a stage where he wouldn't eat veggies no matter what, so I bought those. Made me feel better. and he LOVED them.
  • My daughter is super picky also, and refuses to eat meat.  She gets a lot of yogurt, cheese, and peanut butter to get her protein (unless I can cut it up into meat dust and mix it into her guacamole, lol).  I've started making her smoothies pretty often and she loves them.  I use a few fruits and yogurt, and can hide some peas in there too.  I mix veggie purees in with her yogurt too.  I'm pretty picky myself, so she didn't get it from the nieghbors, lol
  • image Joeypnut:
    I'm pretty picky myself, so she didn't get it from the nieghbors, lol

    This completely cracked me up. I am the same way.

  • A few tricks I've tried are  purees on pasta and chopping spinach broccoli or  tomato and cooking it in some scrambled eggs.  Or I will chop it up tiny and mix it in a pasta with sauce.

    Clicked before I was done! When I make tacos I mix beans, tomato and green peppers in with the meat and cook it till the peppers are softer and set some aside for him before adding the really spicy spices.

  • I have a very picky eater.  She won't eat meat and is allergic to peanuts and eggs, so I have been trying to find good sources of protein for her.  I started pureeing white beans and mixing them into her mac n cheese (I buy the Velveeta whole wheat rotini and cheese).  I can get about 1/2 cup of the puree to mix into the entire package of the mac n cheese.   You might start with half the amount and see how it goes.  I actually think it improves the taste. 

    I like the smoothie idea for sneaking in veggies.  I will try that!

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  • My LO is getting pretty picky lately, plus she is vary small to begin with so I am super anal when it comes to trying to feed her. Anyway, lately I have been doing her veggies with a spoonful of applesauce. she loves applesauce so I can normally hide anything in it. PLus I added back the purree veggie pouches since she stoppped eating veggies. I love the idea of smoothies :) I just try to offer her food throughout the day bc most times when we sit down to eat a meal she is NOT interested in eating with us. she just doesnt seem to like to sit still for that long . GL
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  • When DS was being really picky, I used that cookbook Deceptively Delicious to get ideas on how to sneak veggie purses into his food. Also, just keep introducing the same food over and over again. Some kids are just picky because they don't like new things...once it's novelty has worn off, they might eat it.

  • Oh I also wanted to add that you could try that piccolini (sp?) pasta that is made with veggie puree.  I think it tastes good and will eat any of the kinds.  DD on the other hand is not fooled (but she doesn't always eat pasta anyways).  I also made some pancakes with sweet potato puree mixed in.  She loved them!  I've also hear that sweet potato puree makes a good sauce alternative for pasta.  I haven't really tried it, but just throwing that out there.
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