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Anyone sit on excercise ball at their desk?

I'm thinking about bringing mine in and trying it out while I work.  I'm wondering if anyone has done this and if it helped with lower back pain.  My back is killing me today.
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Re: Anyone sit on excercise ball at their desk?

  • I sat on one for about 4 years at my desk and loved it. I have been sitting in my regular chair since september tho...I'm probably going to go back to my ball here shortly. I find I get too tired too fast in this chair. At least on the ball I can bounce around a little. :) But yes, it did help with back pain...but you have to ease into it. Don't expect to sit on it for 8 hours the first day....you will be sorry.

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  • also make sure you get one that is the proper size for you. The knees should be at a 45 degree angle.

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  • Also, check with your boss.  Our Director of Safety actually took one away from a guy at work. 
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  • That is a great idea, I think I'll bring mine in to work to!
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