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DH loves wearing our little guy and the Moby is on its way out. We have both done quite a bit a research and like the Ergo; however, our LO really likes to be held/worn facing out while exploring during the day (he like to be worn facing in while napping).

So, DH decided he wanted to get the Beco Gemini. 

Anyone currently have/use the BG?


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Re: Beco Gemini Users

  • Have it and LOVE it!!!!  So comfortable for me and him!  He stays in it for a long time without fussing at all.  It is more expensive than others, but it is one of the best purchases I have made!
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  • Lurker but wanted to add DH loves ours!
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  • I have one and like, but not love, it. I prefer my wraps for a high back carry to the forward facing out position. It's just not comfy for long periods of time that way. A mei tai would also give you a higher back carry. Hip carries also give the benefit of LO being able to see out.

    ETA: In a high back or hip carry, LO can see out and explore, but if/when LO gets tired, wants a nap, overstimulated, whatever, can "hide" and not be stuck still facing out into the world. 

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  • We have it and I really like it so far!

  • Thanks, everyone! We have decided to go with the BG.

    I also forgot to mention that we do have a mei tai that we were gifted. LO does not *love* it yet but I am sure he will grow to eventually. 

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  • Ours just came in the mail today, so far loving it!
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