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Delivery day calls?

Good morning ladies,

I'm writing my list of names of people to call once we have the LO and its grown to 12 people and I'm not done.   What do you think the max number of people should be on the list? Considering germs and everything else I don't want 100 visitors. 


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Re: Delivery day calls?

  • We called our parents. Sent out a mass text and then posted it on FB. Way easier than calling everyone. I wouldn't have called everyone even if FB didn't exist. The news spread from there.

    You are expecting all of these people to come visit?

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  • Also depends on the day of the week you have the baby.  My first two were born on Saturdays, so I think I had more traffic than if it had been a weekday.

    That aside,  it's really up to you.  I remember nursing being difficult for me, and a lot of visitors (other than parents, sister, etc.) was a little frustrating.

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  • You will not want to be on the phone with 10-20-30 people after delivery.  Have you thought about a mass text message, calling your parents and having them call people or just announcing on FB?

    Also, you can announce the baby arrived and ask that nobody drop by and visit...make a lost of who you would like to see at the hospital and who should wait to visit when you get home...people will understand.

  • Yes I plan to send out text messages.  
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  • I suggest getting 1 or 2 people who will be in charge of contacting the rest of the family.  SIL will be contacting DH's family, my parents will be contacting mine.  We only have to make 2 calls and we know that everyone else will find out.  My hospital also offers a birth announcement website that automatically sends out emails, so we'll be taking advantage of that.
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  • We called our parents, they called our siblings. Other than one or two close friends that was it.
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  • We have other people designated to call & text. That way I don't have to deal with it.







  • Just our parents and maybe my brother and BIL.  You don't want to be trapped on the phone going over your whole birth story all day to every Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, friend, neighbor, co-worker, dog-walker, mail man etc.

    Keep it short.  Let your parents call people.


  • We're just calling our imemdiate families. We're going to announce the birth after it happens, so that people come the next day after we've had a few hours to wind down.

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  • We plan to call my parents and DH's parents. But only after baby is actually born. I want zero visitors for the first 2 weeks at least (except for maybe DH's parents who live an hour away) because having a newborn is exhausting. I just don't want to deal with feeling like I need to entertain people when really DH & I need to be resting and taking care of our LO. As far as everyone else...I'll get around to it. I love my friends, but on delivery day for obvious reasons they are not my main priority.
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  • What is LO (loved one?) ? I've been in this board for a couple months and I still havent figured out all the acronyms

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