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Looking for a creative way to announce the sex of our baby

We are having friends and family over to our house for Christmas Dinner and plan on announcing the sex of our baby that night.  Does anyone have any creative ideas for a way to tell them?

Re: Looking for a creative way to announce the sex of our baby

  • Someone I know did a tub of ice cream with perfectly round scoops of blue and pink ice cream. At the bottom was the word BOY. They called it what's the scoop? You could also do a stocking with lots of pink and blue strips of paper inside and on one hve the baby's name. If it's blue it's a boy, pink-girl. Let everyone draw strips of paper till you find it.
  • you can always find fun ways on youtube
  • Our parents are always after us for new pictures for their houses, so what we're doing is we bought them each a frame and we took a picture of me with a pink ribbon tied around my belly and made everything in the pic black and white except the ribbon and we wrapped the frames for them. When they are opening those, we will also have my daughter opening a "little sister" onesie set we bought from kohl's.
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  • You make a cake, in the center put the colored frosting of what you are having.  So when you go to cut the cake everyone will know.
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  • We find out on Friday (family thinks we are waiting) and are going to do ornaments filled with either pink or blue ribbon and a picture of the ultrasound.
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  • personally, i like the cake idea. we are going to do this.. we're just going to invite our family over for dinner and then at the end bring out the cake that says "boy or girl?" and then we'll tell them why we invited them over, and cut into the cake. the only difference, i'm going to use coloring in the cake, not the icing.

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  • I think the cake idea is the easiest, especially if they're not expecting you to be telling them. 

    We plan on having a Sex Party (haha) when we find out.  We'll plan a party with our friends and family, and find out at the same time as them.

    We aren't going to find out at the doctor's office, but we'll have them write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope.  We'll go to TRU or something and have them get a stuffed animal in either pink or blue (based on what's in the envelope) and put it in a sealed gift bag. 

    When we are at the Sex Party, we'll open the bag and find out with our friends/family.

    (This was my mom's idea, and since she's really overbearing and I don't care, I let her have this idea to take the credit for.)

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  • We are announcing on Christmas Day too. So this is a little crazy but our dog is a big part of our life, our first baby...We bought him a pink dog t-shirt and I'm using a t-shirt transfer to put a graphic on it that says "It's A Girl!". My husband is going to sneak him into another room, put him in the shirt and send him out to the family. We're going to video tape it so we can share it with other family that can't be with us that day.
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  • These are all really cute ideas! We had the u/s tech write it in a Christmas card that me and DH will open on Christmas eve day, before we go to his parents' for dinner. I am trying to think of a fun way to tell them. I thought about buying a turtle (boy) or a butterfly (girl) stuffed animal or ornament ideally, if I can find one, and having someone open that.
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  • We're finding out on Christmas Eve morning at a special sono trip my OB friend is doing for us.  Almost everyone thinks we won't find out til our A/S on Dec. 30.... so it's basically a surprise for all our family. 

    We are making a diaper baby (like a baby shower diaper cake, but shaped and dressed as a baby) and dressing it in a neutral outfit.  We'll spread out a pink or blue blanket in a box and put the diaper baby on top.  Another friend makes adorable knitted baby hats, and she's making us one in pink and one in blue.  Once we know, we'll just spread out the right blanket, add the right hat and wrap up the box on our way from her OB office to our family Christmas Eve party.   


  • I'm making cake pops with pink centers that we'll give our families at Christmas. I did a trial run last since I've never made them before- they were super easy and yummy too. 
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