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Not SAIF related....anyone wax their upper lip?

I am fair skinned but lately my upper lip seems dark to me, was thinking of getting it waxed, but if I do, how often will I have to do there an at home kit I can use, or should I get it professionaly done? Any advice is great.

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Re: Not SAIF related....anyone wax their upper lip?

  • I used to bleach, then I moved on to waxing and then I did laser hair removal.

    With wax I went every 4-6 weeks.
  • I get mine waxed every 6 weeks when I get my eyebrows done. I would get it professionally done- its cheap- I thnk I pay $25 for both eyebrows and lip. 
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  • I wax mine at home every two weeks.  I'm just too hairy otherwise.  I buy a microwavable wax in a small plastic tub at Sally's.  It's super easy and super cheap.  

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  • I have them do it when I get my eyebrows done.  I just go to one of those nail's $16 for both.  I go about once a month.
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  • I have never done my lip but I so eyebrows and they seems to constantly need done!

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  • I bleach my mustache because it seems to be more subtle as it grows back. Now at I'm a SAHM, I don't bleach as often as I used to. I should do it every two to three weeks. It really is not difficult, I'm just lazy.
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  • Yes, and have it done professionally!! This way they get the actual hair root and it will grow back thinner and less frequent as time goes on. At home products don't get the whole hair out and it will grow back faster and possibly even thicker. I only pay $9 at a medical spa and go about every 8-12 weeks now. I use to go every 4 weeks. While I was pregnant I only had to go twice in 9 months!!

    I also plan to get it done permanently once I'm done having babies. They say hormone changes can affect hair growth so anything "permanent" could grow back.

    Also, make sure they don't use a large wax pot that they dip back into this is very unsanitary. They should have a little wand thing that holds the wax and only dispenses what they are using.


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  • I used to get it professionally done at a little nail place near me.  Once I had DS, I had less time to get out.  So I started using the kinds you do yourself.  My favorite is the Nads brand.

    Personally, I would get it done a few times, then if you feel like you can do it yourself, try these Nads strips! 

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