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My first hemmorrhoid post. Help.

So, I've never had a hemmorrhoid, that I know of...didn't even have any after I had Cal.  And was deemed hemmorrhoid-free after having Finn.  But today after a BM I took a shower and when I was washing down there I...felt...something.  Like a flap of skin, sort of.  Got out the trusty hand mirror and was appalled at what I saw.  At first glance, I was worried about much worse things (rectal prolapse, anyone?) until I looked online and saw pics of hemmorrhoids (lucky me), and it does appear that's what I have.  Only mine aren't red or irritated, just the "normal" color of that region.  AND they don't hurt.  Or itch.  So...what's up with that?  I always thought they were really painful/itchy?  DH says maybe it's after they get irritated that they start to feel like that?

Those of you with this what I have?  Also, it feels "weird" down there.  Kinda like something's hanging out of me.

Boy, am I glad I have you ladies.  This is not a topic I care to discuss IRL!

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Re: My first hemmorrhoid post. Help.

  • Yup, sounds like hemmorrhoids to me.  With Ava, I only had them after delivery.  With the twins, I had them starting at about 20 weeks (lucky me).  The usually didn't hurt or itch, just felt like you described (like something hanging out).  For the few occasions when they did itch (not often), I used Preparation H wipes.

    ETA:  Wanted to add that they went away completely on their own within a few weeks of delivery.

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  • Sounds like a hemmorroid to me too.  I would use Preparation. H cream or the wipes.  They would help immensely.  It will probably go away in a week or two too.

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  • I had hemmheroids before I got pregnant as a result of IBS. They actually went away while I was pregnant since being KU made me regular (go figure?) and came back PP. there are suppositories you can use to help with inflammation. I plan to have staple surgery after I'm done having kids :(
  • I had hemmorrhoids right after I have birth to Isaac. They didn't hurt at all and they went away. Recently, I've also felt stuff back there. This time they're flaring up and bleeding. So maybe you had the "good" kinds like I had when I first had Isaac. Hopefully, you don't get the "bad" kind.


  • it sounds different from my hem since mine hurt like hell, but i second PPs that it will probably go away on its own in a few weeks. i'm glad you're not uncomfortable! 
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  • Sounds like them to me! I have internal ones (found during colonoscopy due to possible Crohns/UC), they suck! 

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  • I had one before I even got pregnant - discovered it in grad school and thought I would pass out from being so mortified.  I didn't have any trouble with it after pregnancy but OH MY GOD chemo wrecked me.  Internal and external bad boys, with pain and bleeding so bad that it made my 3rd degree tear seem like a dream come true.  I'm still recovering from them.

    Preparation H will shrink them, at least temporarily.  And if you notice bright red bleeding with a bowel movement, don't panic - it's probably the hemi. 

    Now that I'm healing I have the itching and lemme tell you - that sucks too.

    Anyway, now you all know my horrifying secret.  I blame chemo.  Stupid, stupid chemo.



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  • I had them after Linc, and then Gwen. I had to have a repair after Gwen, and they removed my hemis then, but(t) the removal was horrid! So, I would use prep-H, wipes, and try to not strain during BM.

    It should be going away soon! Hang in there lady! 

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