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i got mugged on the way to the doctor's

i seriously can't believe the day i had. i'm sorry, i'm going to be lazy and cut and paste from an e-mail, i need to go crash but i wanted to update you ladies. here's what happened:


I left work today because I was in severe pain and had a high fever and I knew I probably had a bad case of mastitis, so I left to get to the doctor's as fast as possible to see if I needed to be hospitalized for intraveneous antibiotics. I had to park a few blocks from the doctor's and I was in so much pain walking that I tried to call my mom to talk me through it. Then I passed two men who saw my cell phone and mugged me. They took my phone and keys and wallet, but fortunately not my laptop that has my research on it, and I wasn't hurt at all. 

Anyway, the doctor thinks that I have an aggressive antibiotic-resistant mastitis and is trying oral antibiotics overnight; if things are still worsening in the morning I'll be admitted to the hospital for intraveneous antibiotics. 

Anyway, bottom line: I'm safe, everybody's safe, locks have been changed on our apartment, things are fine.  I'll be a lot happier once I get this infection (probably MRSA) cleared, but we're treating it so early hopefully we can get it under control without lasting harm to the duct. Until then . . . yay for Codeine.


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Re: i got mugged on the way to the doctor's

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