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Pain with ovulating, what does yours feel like?

I know that it's normal to have pain with ovulation ("Mittelschmerz") but what kind of pain is it?

Is it a sharp, distinct pain, or a sharp/achy prolonged pain?

I had a 14mm follie on 12/9, and I had a sharp/achy/dullish prolonged pain on the side of my follie on 12/16, which I presumed was ovulation because if the follie grew at 1mm per day, then it would have been 20mm on 12/16.

But, today, I have a sharp pain in kind of the same area, but not quite the exact same area.  Lower right side, closer to my right hip bone.  The pain on 12/16 was lower right but closer to my mid-line.

I'm confused about the pain today because there were conflicting reports on whether the follie was 1.4mm or 1.4cm, and if it was 1.4mm, then it would have reached about 20mm today.  (The u/s tech said it was 1.4mm, but the radiologist's report read 1.4cm, or 14mm.)

Today's pain almost feels like I could be constipated (I know TMI) or a gas bubble, but I haven't been able to massage it through my system like I normally can if it's a gas bubble or 'something else'.

I hate being a neurotic IF girl!! 

Re: Pain with ovulating, what does yours feel like?

  • A 1.4mm follicle would not have been measured.
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  • I didn't think of that previously, but you are right.  Now that I think about it, when I had an AFC a few months ago, they only measured the larger ones, I think 2mm and larger.

    Great, so today's pain is probably just some kind of intestinal cramp, and we didn't miss the BD window.

    THank yoU!!  You have been very helpful.

  • Mine hurts like heck and lasts usually almost a full 24 hours. It starts off as a dull pain but progresses to a pain similiar to gas but off to one side. And it radiates to my back. Sometimes if I am walking it hurts to stand straight up, it's a fun day, haha. It usually subsides within a day or two but it's completely obvious to me I am ovulating, no doubt about it. All I want to do is lay around and put a heating pad on it. Just my 2 cents.
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