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Glucose Test Question

My Gluecose test is coming up in a few weeks. I thought it was strange that they didn't have me go in first thing in the morning like I did with my first pregnancy. I am going at 2:30 and I don't need to fast. I normally eat a bagel with peanut butter and an orange for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. Not the best, not the worst. Would you eat this before the test? Or would you suggest maybe eggs for breakfast and a salad with chicken for lunch? Thoughts? Does it even matter?


Re: Glucose Test Question

  • Not sure what to tell you because I had to fast 24 hours, except for plain protein two hours before the test. (I had 4 scrambled eggs made with water and bacon).

    Had my test this morning.

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  • I have to do my at a Quest Diagnostics... they didn't give me any instructions at all.  I can see on my slip my doctor selected non-fasting.  I wonder if they are different kinds of these tests??
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  • There are two lengths of tests, the 1 hour and the 3 hour. I think you usually fast for the three hour test.

     I think some doctors have you fast and some do not for the 1 hour. If they don't specifically tell you to fast, I don't think you need to.

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  • I don't have to fast for my 1 hr test.  The doc told me to eat normally just try to avoid a super sugary meal ie sugary cereal, pop tart etc.  He said a good carb/protein mix would be best.  So your menu sounds fine in my opinion. 



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  • For the 1-hour I didn't have to fast but I couldn't eat anything an hour and a half before.  I didn't pass so they called me in for the 3-hour this past Friday. That one I had to fast for and luckily, I just found out I passed. GL!
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  • Mine told me to cut out all carbs and sugars.

    I was originally scheduled for the test at 4:00...I quickly made the decision to do a morning one instead (8am) as I did not think I could last the whole day with out carbs! 

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  • I had mine at 1230p, I had 2 eggs for breakfast. I brought a granola bar to my appointment so I could eat it right after they drew blood. LOL 
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  • There are 3 different glucose test time points (1, 2 and 3 hours) and all of them are done differently ( fasting/non-fasting for 1 hour. 2, 3 or 5 blood draws for the 2 hour).  For the 1 hour GTT fasting is not required, but some OBs prefer it.  It's a matter of preference.

    As for changing your eating habits there really isn't a need to do so.  Your body should react the same way if you changed your habits if for only a day or not at all.  However, if you changed them for a week or two and you could alter the results.  Which is exactly what you DON'T want to do. 

    As I've said before- yes GD can suck but the risks to both your health and your baby are too big to take.  This isn't like tricking a drug test to get a job- it is so much more important for you to have the info you need for a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

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  • I just left the OB for an upper res infection. I was supposed to do my glucose test Thursday, but since I was there he asked me what I had for lunch. Unfortunately, it consisted of a banana, frosted mini wheats and a christmas cookie so they would not even attempt the test today.

    Rescheduled it for next week and he said not to eat 3 hours before, and not to eat a carb heavy dinner the night before. Test is at 10am so that pretty much means my last food will be over 12 hours before the test.

    I would say not to eat sugar the day of. 

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    As I've said before- yes GD can suck but the risks to both your health and your baby are too big to take.  This isn't like tricking a drug test to get a job- it is so much more important for you to have the info you need for a healthy pregnancy and baby. 


    Exactly this. I do not intend on tricking the test. If I have GD I'd like to know so I could treat it effectively. I guess I was just asking because i received no guidelines on what to eat before hand. Thanks everyone!


    I didn't have to fast before doing the test but I had to wait 2 hours after eating before taking the test. And I had McDonalds for breakfast (I know not the best breakfast but I had really been craving it) before taking the test and passed.

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  • I go in next week for mine, my appt is at 8:00am and my Dr said I didn't have to fast, she said obviously just don't woof down a donut or cocoa puffs on your way in!

    I will still be off on Christmas chances are I will sleep in and end up not eating before I go in to do the test anyways.

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  • I had to fast 2 hours before my 1 hour test. I wasn't expecting to take it that day and I had a candy bar a couple hours before the test and things turned out fine.
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  • I didn't pass my first test, and I didn't get any guidelines as to what to eat the day of the test and I didn't have to fast.  My appointment was at 4:30 and I'm actually kinda pissed that I didn't go in in the morning.  I'm taking the 3 hour one on Friday, but my first test numbers came back at 145 and my doctor's cut-off was 140... booo!!!!
  • I was told not to fast at all, to eat my normal breakfast, as long as it's not 3 donuts! And to not eat or drink after I drink the glucola, so for that one hour.


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  • I was told by Quest to eat my normal meal before going. My appointment was in the afternoon after having blueberry waffles and an apple cinnamon bagel... I was told today I passed so I think it should be fine to eat beforehand.
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  • They gave me no instructions, but I had 1 cup of coffee at 7:30AM, 1 egg w/cheese at 10:30AM and 1 small, plain chicken breast at 12:00. I took my test at 2:30.

    But, since I failed, feel free to take my input with a grain of salt Wink


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