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Comfort nursing?

please tell me this is common, and i'm not alone. my poor daughter seemed to have a meltdown after feeding over a period of 2 hours.theres no way she was hungry i told myself. dh tried to calm her for an hour, and no luck. so i took her and offered my left side, now she's a happy baby. she is 3 weeks old today, and i'm guessing it's just to be close to me? i guess i'm sort of afraid she'll over feed?
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Re: Comfort nursing?

  • My DD is 7 weeks old and she did the same thing. She only wanted me and no one else but she was also 42 weeks when I delivered and is very clingy to me she did not want to come out! She just feels safe with you and to this day it still takes my hb a while to calm her but he also doesnt have her all day to know the tricks. But if she is making you feel raw like my lo did just hold her like your feeding her and put a pacifier in if she will take it. I like the Nuk ones like they give you in the hospital. Also my lactation nurse taught me to have my hb, with clean hands and cut fingernails, to use his middle finger to let her suck on... fingerprint side touching the roof of her mouth. But yes its very common my sister had the same thing too with her son. It is more common in BF babies than FF because if they can smell you then they think they want to feed. Good news is it will subside I remember the 2 hour feedings but this will help your milk come in too. HTH!!
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  • Hello and Congrats if the new baby!! I had the same situation with my 2 month old son around the 3 week mark. I think it's just a hopefully won't last too long maybe a day or two. I think it's called cluster feeding. Also it could be your let-down..isn't fast enough for baby but if it is the let-down it will be better in the coming weeks when breastfeeding becomes more easy for you and the baby. Good Luck and keep trying :-)
  • thanks ladies. both your post were really comforting to read. i think i will try the hold her close and give her her paci. i am definitely feeling a little raw on one side from the long feedings. i hope to keep up the breastfeeding which is why i'm reaching out for advice and help. sometimes, it all gets pretty overwhelming, and being the only one who feeds her too. thanks again
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  • Just to add to the DS is 3 weeks and is doing the same thing.  He wants to eat constantly, sometimes every hour for like 5 hours straight - so I nurse for 30-40 minutes and then he wants to eat again 30 (or less) minutes later, very exhausting.  At times I have nursed for over an hour and thought there was no way he was still hungry but he still seems to want to eat and we have resorted to trying bottles of EBM which he will take.  Makes me worried he isn't getting enough milk from me vs. growth spurt vs comfort nursing.  I am going to see LC next week.
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