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Need feedback Xmas gift idea for bf

I am having a very hard time figuring out what to get my bf for Christmas this year because all I can think of is how we need to get ready for the baby. I am debating buying the diaper bag we registered for that will be his to use and filling it for him.


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Re: Need feedback Xmas gift idea for bf

  • I love that idea.. very thoughtful and practical.

    I was going to do the same thing, but someone bought it for us after our shower.

    One of the things I bought my bf is an "I'm the Daddy" tee-shirt to wear in the hospital.  

  • That's what I did for my husband, bought him a diaper dude bag with a design he really likes, and filling it with the book "strong fathers, strong daughters", a beer glass that says "Daddy's Sippy Cup" on it and a nice bottle of beer to go with it and a few other things :)
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  • I would try to find at least a small gift that isn't baby related. What would you get him if you weren't pregnant? Daddy bag is a cute idea too but I think a guy might also appreciate it being about him and not baby. Remember he doesn't instinctively have baby brain like we do:)

  • It's definitely practical but I'd try finding something that wasn't baby related. Something he could enjoy for himself.
  • I agree with the others. The bag is a good idea, but maybe get him something else not baby related, too. I'm making my boyfriend a basket type deal with a ton of goodies inside. Mostly a bunch of his favorite things, and one baby related item, a beer stein that says "father hood, that's how I roll" and has a picture of a stroller on it, haha.
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