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Need pacifier help!!

My LO is 9 weeks old and will not take a paci. He also doesnt suck his thumb. He only wants me and so I am his pacifier. He does great all day and then the late afternoon hits and he want to constantly suck. He will be happy for about ten min and then want to suck for up to an hour and it goes on and on...I know we are now in a habit because I hate hearing him cry so I give in and this is how our nights are. He is cranky unless he uses me. We do this for four to five hours every night. I dont know what to do. And I have a 2 1/2 year old who I feel bad for because I cant spend time with him when baby constantly wants me to suck....any help or advice??? Thanks!


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Re: Need pacifier help!!

  • What kind of paci are you trying? We went from binky to my finger to soothies all in a week's time. Try your pinky finger and see how that goes... If it works, try pulling it out then giving a soothie immediately after you take out your pinky.
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  • I did the same as PP we use the gummie ones like they give you in the hospital she hates the flat looking nipples and makes a face like they taste bad when I put it in I also dip the pacifier in breastmilk and if you do the thing my lactation consultant taught me to get them to open their mouth for feeding. Touch your LOs nose with the pacifier so they will open their mouth then put the tip of the paci to the top of their mouth let them close and then hold it in their mouth...not to the point of forcing it but until they can suck and hold it sometimes it takes a couple seconds. My DD will usually grasp really tight and bunch up holding her hands to her mouth.
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  • PPs have given very good advice. When we first gave DD a pacifier, we had to hold it (not force it!) in her mouth for a few seconds until she would grasp it and suck. I would try all different types of pacifiers...every baby is different and there are tons of pacis out there; you may just have to try a bunch.
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  • Gumdrop pacifiers are like the Soothies too, but they don't have the top half of the pacifier. Once you transition to your pinky, you could try switching to them.
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