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7 week old won't let me put him down

Long time reader, first time poster. My son just turned 7 weeks and up until now will sleep no where but on my chest. I have read so much about the rock n play, and many of you women praise it. But my question is how much different is it then a swing? I have a swing but at the most he will only last about an hour in it. Should I invest in the RnP. At this point I'm getting desperate and will try just about anything so that we both can have a good nights sleep. 

Re: 7 week old won't let me put him down

  • I have the same problem but mine won't sleep for more than 20 minutes in the rnp. It is reclined more than a swing is though
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  • My DD is 7 weeks and she is the same way will only sleep on my chest. My friend recommended the rock and play and I borrowed it and it didn't work. Its great for her sitting upright but it doesnt actually rock on its own so she hates it. She likes the swing when its really fast but will only last about 30 minutes in it and will only sleep on my chest and I have tried everything as soon as I put her down she wakes up. My other friend suggested a co sleeper that attaches to the side of the bed so its safer and they can see and smell you and you can put your hand on them for comfort I am buying it today I will let you know how it works! I did read though that if you do try something to try it for a week if they cry more than 10 minutes pick them up calm them then lay them back down. I know this isnt really ideal when you need sleep and I have done this with multiple products and so far not one has worked. I have returned a lot of stuff! I have been couch bound for 7 weeks so I know how you feel! HTH
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