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How long does baby sleep during the day?

My lil guy sleeps for three hours everyday is that okay he is 1 month old.  He has been waking up more  at night .  How can I keep him up?  When he is up he smiles and plays but shortly he gets sleepy.   Also after he eats he always falls asleep too.              is he sleeping too much?

Re: How long does baby sleep during the day?

  • I was wondering this also. My dd is also 1 month old and usually sleeps in 3 hour increments during the day. I have found the few times she stayed awake during the day, she slept much better at night. But....what do you do to keep a 1 month old awake? There is only so much you can do to entertain them..
  • I struggle with this too. We try to keep Savannah up between 7 and 9:30 (when we usually go to sleep or at least get in bed). That seems to help, but she is usually still up every 2 hours to nurse at night. We have had a few nights now where she is asleep 3-4 hour spurts.
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  • at that age...and even now. ds would just sleep and eat maaaaaaybe be up for an hour max. Now he is going almost 2 hrs awake.

    not much you can do. They really just eat, sleep, poop, repeat.


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  • Same thing here. It seems like all DS does is sleep all day. He does seem to sleep better (longer) during the day, but sometimes I am holding him, so I am sure that is the reason. Today it seems like all he did was sleep. I didn't even get to really play with him at all.

    I FF him and he only sleeps 2 hrs at a time at night (he is up every 3 takes just about an hour to feed, change him, and get him back to sleep). Once in a while he will sleep one three hour stretch...that usually happens when we first put him to bed.


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